Streaming online deals with a number of things and IPTV is not excluded. Right now, there is a shift in model; from the traditional system of broadcasting (such as cable and satellite TV) to the internet system of streaming. abonnement iptv is a major feature in this recent development. Many customers are not really interested in having content but are more concerned about their access to these contents. This is what leads us to IPTV.


IPTV is referred to as Internet Protocol Television in which TV shows and related videos are provided via the internet. IPTV is a technology development whereby digitalized television services are provided to its subscribers over the internet protocol server and connected to an internet having full speed. This is quite different from the regular digital video and can be retrieved by hundreds of thousands of users on the apps (the apps include netflix and youtube)  and also on the website. In contrast with the regular satellite connection and connection of multiple cables, IPTV can be used with only one subscription and can still have other devices connect to it.

Viewers are also given the benefit of being able to select the shows they would like to view anytime right from the comfort of their homes and at where they want to watch it and also excluding the normal live TV programs that are being broadcasted. Let us take a brief look on the differences between the traditional system of watching television and the IPTV.

  • The traditional system of watching television works by the viewers tuning in to a particular channel. It can be cable meaning that it is transmitted over a wired and it can also be satellite meaning it is wireless WHILE the IPTV providers enable channels to be delivered to the set top box.
  • The difference is that internet protocol transmission allows users to receive content through a similar client server model that provides websites, email and other related internet based services. Internet protocol is the form in which data is transmitted between systems attached to a fast broadband.
  • Users ask for TV shows of their interests and receive them through an internet protocol in place of cable and satellite.
  • Programming on IPTV servers is kept so that the users can always access it whenever they need it but the traditional system of watching TV is not like that. Contents are displayed and forgotten and cannot be accessed at any time .


Internet Protocol Television is more or less like surfing the net. It solely depends on the internet protocol, a transport protocol which serves as a transport as a form of transport medium to provide users with the video content.


There are various connected services that the IPTV provides well asides transmitting the TV channels. They are:

  1. You can watch live shows with or without any content already broadcasted
  2. Television on demand: a number of channels are recorded to be watched later.
  3. Viewers can watch any movie of their choice. This is called video-on-demand.