Benefits of Allicin  

Fresh garlic contains the amino acid alliin. When garlic is crushed or chopped alliinase is released. This enzyme interacts with alliin to form allicin, which is the active component of garlic. Studies have shown that allicin offers many health benefits. Allicin can be purchased in supplement form.

Allicin Benefits

1) Anti-bacterial: Allicin can help with skin infections. It is both an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial agent. Whether you apply it topically or take it orally, allicin will kill off the candida yeast responsible for infections and protect you from a secondary bacterial infection.

2) Anti-viral: Allicin can help ward off the common cold. Allicin is a natural anti-viral that supports the immune system. An allicin supplement provides more immune support than simply eating garlic.

3) Antioxidants: Allicin is full of antioxidants. It contains large amounts of vitamin B5 and vitamin C. Both help protect the body against free radicals. It also contains a good deal of manganese and selenium, which help aid the metabolism and protect the body against heart disease.

4) Detoxification: Allicin helps to detox the body, too. Garlic protects the body against metal toxicity and lowers the levels of lead in the blood. Allicin has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of toxicity in the body.

5) Reduces the blood pressure: Allicin naturally lowers the blood pressure, which makes allicin a very important supplement. Allicin supplements have been shown to reduce the blood pressure by as much as 10%. It is important to take a supplement if you have high blood pressure, as the supplements have more allicin than fresh garlic.

6) Increases bone health: Allicin can actually improve the density of the bones. This has been proven to be especially true in menopausal women. As women enter menopause, their estradiol levels lower. This is a hormone that helps to maintain the structure and strength of the bones. Allicin inhibits estrogen deficiency and maintains the density of the bones.

7) Improves athletic performance: Allicin has long been linked to better athletic performance. Allicin can lower the heart rate and enhance blood flow, sending nutrients to your muscles. This can improve your overall performance. Additionally, allicin helps speed recovery after workouts. It helps reduce muscle damage and muscle soreness often felt after tough workouts.

8) Lower cholesterol: Studies have also shown allicin can help lower your cholesterol levels.

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