CBD Oil at Disney World? Here’s What Happened

Disneyland is undoubtedly called ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ by many people around the world. It features a world of wonder and magic both for kids and kids at heart. At times, circling and running around the whole park can be tiring and stressful, especially when travelling with kids and chasing around them for hours at a time.

Such was the unfortunate case of the great grandmother who was enjoying her day with her great grandkids. The 69-year-old woman named Hester Burkhalter was reportedly on her way to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and was headed towards the Magic Kingdom. However, at the security checkpoint, the security personnel not only harangued and questioned her, she was also arrested and kept in jail for a whopping 12 hours!

Burkhalter was initially charged with a felony for possessing CBD oil for pain with her (due to chronic arthritis), but these were dropped later on, with reports stating that the Orange County Sheriff Department was only following protocol and following the law.

CBD Oil vs. The Law

According to The Inquisitr, the hemp bill has already been passed in Florida in March 2019. However, the bill remains just that. It has not been passed into law, which is why CBD oil products are considered illegal. There remains a gray area when it comes to buying and selling such products on the market.

One way to get around this bill is having a doctor’s prescription allowing the bearer to carry CBD oil in their possession. While great grandmother Hester did have a doctor’s note during her visit to Walt Disney World, it was only a recommendation and not a prescription.

Hester presented the bottle to the officers, showing that it did not contain THC. For those who are unaware, THC is the compound in marijuana which gets people that ‘high feeling’. Despite presenting this information, the officer tested the CBD oil and the results showed that it was positive for THC, leading the poor woman to jail.

With reports stating that Burkhalter’s family saving up for the trip for around two years, this unfortunate turn of events was the last thing she ever expected from happening.

While there may be a huge demand for pure cannabidiol products in the sunshine state, cannabis enthusiasts would do well to stay away from the herb (at least those who are not using this for medical purposes) until the hemp law has been passed. Doing so helps avoid unwanted felony charges.