Ceme Online- Method To Play

There are many online gambling games available these days. People have a lot of options to choose the game of their choice and play. This online gambling game can be played anytime and anywhere. You can play it during your leisure time. Most of them have the access to free gambling games. If you are someone who loves playing games but does not wish to travel long to the traditional casino, then this online gambling is the best suit for you. You can also check the Ceme online, which offers you end numbers of games.

The online-based games have been beneficial to the people as it does not demand the physical presence to play. All you need is the advanced tech that helps you in playing the game within your comfort zone. Ceme online is a great choice for the ones who wish to start playing. Regardless of any age or gender barrier, everyone wishes to play the game online by using the applications throughout the day and even night.

Now, let us see how can one play Ceme Online.

  1. Starting the game by understanding the dominoes

In each round of the game, there will be a total of 28 dominoes. And let us group them into seven series of card types, which is the easy way to remember them.

  • Zero points, total of seven where each of the cards will have an empty part on the bottom or the top side.
  • One point, total of six, where each card will have one big point on the bottom or the top side.
  • Two points, total of five, in this case each card has two points on the bottom or the top side.
  • Three points, total of four, each card will have three points on the bottom or the top side. 
  • Four points, total of three, where each of the card has four points on the bottom or the top side.
  • Five points, total of two, here each card has five points on the bottom or on the top side.
  • Six points, total of one, each will have six points on the bottom or on the top side.
  1. Ceme online distribution of cards

The ceme online game is played by two to eight players (in black seats), and one of the players acts as the dealer (in a red chair). The game doesn’t start without a dealer, so one of them has to be a dealer.

  1. Peep into the card

After receiving two cards, the player is provided with an opportunity to peep into the cards obtained. The player must open his cards on the table after he is done peeping.

  1. Showtime

Once all the cards on the tables are opened, the calculations are made to check who won the game between the players and dealer. The holder of the highest value wins the game. The highest number is 9, so if the result exceeds nine, that is 10, 20, etc, then the last digit is taken into consideration. This is how the cards are counted, and the winner is found.