Everything you should know about trolling motor batteries

When you ride a boat with trolling motors, you need to have batteries installed in it in order to make sure that it provides enough power to the boat in the areas where the boat is moving slowly e.g., fishing areas. Boat starting batteries are different from these trolling motor batteries, as starting batteries will only provide the ignition to the boat and it will not help in trolling. If you are planning to buy Trolling Motor Battery, you must understand the mechanism of these batteries, and should understand the different types of these batteries to enable yourself to select the best available option. There are two general types of batteries that are available in the market, dual purpose batteries and the deep cycle batteries. If you are looking for a long lasting battery for your motorboat, you should look for deep cycle batteries, which are further available in different types. In this article, we will learn about the different types of trolling batteries and will help you understand more about the battery that you should use in your motorboat.

Lead Acid and AGMs

These are the two traditional types of batteries that are extensively being used in motorboats. In a lead acid battery, wet cells are submerged in acid and water. These types of batteries usually last for around two years, if properly maintained. The biggest problem with using this type of battery is that you have to take care of the water levels, as the batter will get overcharge occasionally leaving the water levels below the desired levels. If you do not take care of the maintenance of these batteries, you will further reduce the life of these batteries. AGM batteries stand for absorbed glass mat, and these batteries are completely sealed. There is no maintenance required and are also known as dry batteries. You can use these batteries for three to four years without any trouble. However, there are even better options available now and those are lithium trolling batteries. If you want to have an ultimate experience with your motorboat fun, you should use a lithium battery in it.

Why should you use lithium trolling batteries?

Lithium batteries are superior to other battery options in all the ways! You will get a much better experience with these types of batteries, and these will last for more than ten times as compared to an ordinary lead acid battery. There are numerous advantages and benefits of using a Lithium battery, which are discussed below.

  • Consistent power – A lithium battery will provide you with a consistent power throughout your trip.
  • Longer shelf life – A Lithium battery has a longer shelf life as compared to lead acid and other battery options. It has more useful life too.
  • Resistant to temperature – The best thing about lithium batteries is that these are resistant to temperature, so you are not required to worry about when you are outside in extreme temperatures.
  • No maintenance is required – You require no maintenance with lithium batteries!