Many people might not know it but, now it is legal to Shrooms dc. Yes, you have read it right. You can now buy mushrooms in  . Earlier it was considered illegal, but now for people who have depression or anxiety can consume mushrooms. It can be used as a medicinal item. There are various types of mushrooms and, each one varies in its nutritional content. Some are bad for health and are toxic while, others have some very beneficial medicinal properties. Some common names are Shiitake, Pom-Pom mushrooms, Reiki mushrooms. They are low in calories and have very low sodium as well. Therefore, making them a perfect fit for people having high blood pressure.


Mushrooms have vitamin D in them. The percentage of vitamin D is not high but still, they are a good source of it. You can consume mushrooms instead of taking vitamin-d supplements. Mushrooms contain Ergo-sterol which produces vitamin-d and is found in plants. This can be seen as evidence of the vitamin-d presence in them. Some people expose them to UV lights to grow them and how much vitamin D is present in them is proportional to how much they were exposed. Even the dried mushrooms have vitamin D in them. It contains about 600 IU of vitamin-D2 in them and, this can easily drain out if they are stored in dark and cold places for a long time.

When you boil or cook it in water the vitamin does not get affected, but when you use oil the vitamin might again purge out if it is soluble in fat. So, mushrooms do have vitamins in them, you have to eat them regularly and you can Shrooms dc to keep your body fit and healthy.

Purchasing mushrooms:

You can find plenty of mushrooms available in the market and online. But like is mentioned above each has a different reason for consumption apart from the taste. You can eat them raw or cooked as per your choice. Let us see the different varieties and how you can identify them based on their looks if you are going to Shrooms dc online.

  • The first one is Chanterelle. It looks like a cap that is wavy and like a golden trumpet.
  • The next one is shiitake. It is mostly used in Japan, American, and mostly in every household. It is dark brown and in color and has a shape of an umbrella and a cream-colored stem.
  • Portobello sounds Italian. These are brown cap-shaped and are thick and juicy and, they taste like meat. You can use it as meat. It tastes the same as meat.
  • Enoki is also a very famous variety of mushrooms. They are thin and white. They have a mild taste so they can be eaten raw and cooked both ways.
  • Morel is another type that is spongy and it is oblong.
  • Porcini is yet another type that sounds Italian right? It is reddish-brown and has a thick stem that is cylindrical.