Hair Transplant Cost in Canada & India a Comparative Study 

If you are considering the hair transplant procedure in Canada you may wonder to know price offered by the recognized hair transplant centers are very high and it is just limited to the creamy class of the masses. Everyone wants to have an economic deal, whether it is a product, services or facilities and one may consider the affordable cost first and then decide the treatment option. Therefore, it is an important concern in the surgery to choose the best destination first while deciding the option as a final decision. 

It goes without saying that hair transplant in Canada is a high price decision yet doesn’t match the aesthetic result of the surgery. As a matter of fact, most of the hair transplant surgery is done in India due to the reason of the affordable cost, best cosmetic surgeons and an easy scheduling process. This is another fact of receiving the hair transplant surgery in western world countries that in spite of charging a meaty cost they have cumbersome formalities in order to get even an appointment or consultation session that hinders the hair transplant surgery. However, it is most important to check the flexibility of the procedure scheduling and easiness of receiving the treatment first wherever you have chosen the destination. 

Over the past two decades, trends in hair transplant surgery have come and gone, yet it has been an effective and permanent medium to restore natural hair without having any kind of side effects or discomfort. The hair transplant cost in Canada typically ranges anywhere from $10,000- $20,000. The hair transplant procedure in Canada is a pricey decision and that’s why patients move to another country or state to receive the restoration procedure. 

Basically, the cost determining factor for the surgery is all same regardless of country, state or the geographical location, yet there are some valuable aspects that distinguish the cost pattern from one nation to another. And, this must be clarified while you proceed to receive the hair transplant surgery. 

What are the Factors that decide the cost of hair transplant in Canada is described below: 

  1. The Reputation of the Surgeon: This is the first important factor that decides the cost of hair transplant in Canada. The accreditations, accolades, and recognition, weigh a surgeon’s credential and hence accelerate the cost of the procedure. There is a number of recognized and reputed hair transplant surgeons in Canada who charges a bit higher cost compared to other surgeons or doctors practising another country or state. This is a major fact that choosing the hair transplant in India is a worthy option because the country provides quality treatment at a modest cost option. 
  2. The standard facilities & Care: The clinics established in Canada offer the standard measure and care for the surgical option adhered with standard safety and hygiene concern. If the clinics maintain the best accepted standard measure for the safety and hygiene concern, it obviously weighs the cost of the procedure. 
  3. The Technique or Method: The technique or method that is used to perform the hair transplant surgery actually weighs the cost of the procedure. This is the fact that the FUE hair transplant is a costly affair compared to FUT hair transplant. And most of the clinics in Canada offer FUE hair transplant technique rather than the FUT technique of hair restoration. Therefore, technique plays an important role in the hair transplant procedure. The technique must be selected wisely as every case of hair loss or every individual has a different need for grafts results in employing the particular technique to sort out the issue of balding. But, most of the clinics in Canada focus on the FUE technique of the procedure that makes it complicated to receive the procedure according to one’s needs and expectation. 

Factors that decide the cost of Hair Transplant in India jotted down below:

  1. The Number of Grafts: Per graft is rated in the hair transplant procedure and decides the overall cost of the surgery, which is also considered as the genuine way to put the price of the procedure. In India, the cost of the procedure is mainly based on a number of grafts and per graft cost typically ranges anywhere from 25-140 INR/. Therefore, the overall cost of the procedure generally comes between 1-3 lakhs in India that is around just one-fourth of the cost applicable in the western world countries. 
  2. The NW-grade of Baldness: The Norwood grade has 7 grades that explain the extent of hair loss. The lesser Norwood class of baldness requires a lesser number of grafts, whereas the higher Norwood class, such as NW-IV, V, VI or VII requires an extremely high number of grafts to fulfil the restoration job on the surgery. Therefore, the cost of the procedure increases, according to the state of baldness or the Norwood grade. 
  3. The high-density: No matter what the extent of baldness has been affected you if you need an extremely high-density hair transplant requires a maximum number of grafts to fulfil the restoration demand of the surgery. The hair transplant cost in India directly influenced by the high-density demand for the surgery. 
  4. The Technique of Hair Transplant: There are two scientifically proven techniques are prevalent in the hair transplant surgery, namely, the FUT and FUE hair transplant. And, the cost of the procedure in India is also getting influenced by the method or technique of hair restoration. In India, the FUT technique is much prevalent and most of the recognized centre offers the strip method of the surgery. As a matter of fact, despite giving the best results in terms of a higher number of grafts and permanent or DHT-resistant hair roots/grafts, the FUT technique weighs a lesser cost compared to FUT hair transplant. However, it is all worthy to choose the FUT technique of hair restoration. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be received from that destination that suits every need and easily fulfils the restoration demand of the surgery at an affordable cost with the expert hand of the surgeon.