How to change Instagram name?

Username on Instagram is really important. It is something which people know you with. You have to select a username first whenever you have made a new Instagram account. Instagram recognizes your username as a profile. All the activities, comments, and likes you will do from your Instagram account would be displayed with your username. Username on Instagram is viewed on the profile’s top. 

The username of an Instagram is the component of that account’s URL which is the definition of a particular account. Normally usernames are delineated with @this sign. An account’s URL on Instagram is normally as

Whatever the interactions you make on Instagram, it will appear to your followers with your username. Instagram has a 30 character limit for its users to enter its username and username can just be a combination of letters, underscores, numbers and periods. No other punctuation and symbols are accepted by Instagram in an account’s username. 

Wisely select the Instagram username

Choosing the username on Instagram is a task to be done smartly. A username is your identity; it’s the way people know you or your brand. A unique and different username distinguishes your brand from the others. Your username must be unique and attractive enough to grasp the attention of your followers. Username also matters a lot in successful marketing campaigns. Always remember to select a username similar to your business name as two different names can create confusion for your customers. 

Instagram provides your account with two identifications, your username and the display name you have on your profile. You can change any of the names whenever you feel the need. To change the username or the display name on your Instagram profile, you can either use a web page or simply do it from your mobile application. You can select any username for your Instagram profile but make sure to make it unique and different so that it remains easy for your Insta followers to remember. Whenever you are selecting a username, Instagram warns you if it is in use. 

In most of the social media platforms, you don’t get an option to change your username again once you have made your account as it is the basic element for the identification of your profile. Due to this, it would be surprising for you to know that Instagram has provided you this feature of changing your username any time you want. You can change the display name too either by using an android or from the iPhone. You can change it from the web browser too. Before changing your display name or username, you need to understand that your username and display names are different. Your display name doesn’t need to be unique. 

Usernames on Instagram must be different and they mustn’t already exist. This is why Instagram also warns users when their selected username is used before anywhere else. You can make changes to your Instagram name either by using your mobile app or from a web browser:

Changing Instagram name using the app

Following mentioned is a simple way to change your Instagram name in the application:

  • Start the application
  • Tap on your account setting that is present on the below right of the screen. 
  • In case of having more than one accounts, open the account you want to change the name of. 
  • Select edit profile option
  • Select name or username settings and add the name of your choice. Once you have entered the name, save the changes by tapping done. 

Changing Instagram name using the web browser

Below mentioned are the simple steps to change the Instagram name using the web browser:

  • Open your web browser, and navigate to the Instagram website. 
  • Select the account icon present at the top right. 
  • Select the Edit profile option. 
  • Click on the name or username settings and after making the desired changes, click on the submit command. 

You can change your Instagram username any time you want but you have to make sure that you keep it similar to your Instagram display name so that the followers get the least confused. Changing your username to something attractive will let you get more likes on the photos and videos you post.