Introducing Sycor

Sycor Technology has been providing electrical and electronic types of wire, cable, harnesses and tubing since it was founded in 1981. Its impressive inventory has allowed it to not only become a leading supplier in Canada but throughout the world. These high-quality wires, cables and other products are produced in its 40,000-square foot warehouse, which is situated in Mississauga, Ontario.

Flexibility of Custom Cables

One of the features that a number of its clients take advantage of are the custom cables that this cable manufacturer distributor offers. In many instances, companies have needs that are specific to their organization or their field that may not already be addressed by what’s in stock. However, Sycor employees work with them to ensure that they receive products that meet those needs.

Benefits of Annual Purchase Orders

Customers who place year-long blanket purchase orders enjoy a number of benefits. For example, the materials are held in Sycor’s warehouse until they are needed, and expedited delivery can often be arranged as well. The shipping dates are also flexible. Additionally, simply placing one purchase order is more cost-effective than placing a number of them, and the price remains the same throughout this period.