MG Premium Filed Full-Blown Lawsuit Against

The once leading giant in the field of pornography, is now nowhere to be found because of content infringement that it took a major part in. This website goes down right after getting hit big with lawsuit. The owners and operators of this site are now nowhere to be found and not even their real identity. got accused of copyright infringement and it took contents from MindGeek. 

MindGeek has enough proof to show that their contents have been taken without any permission and posted on the site of by its operators. The entire program took place through its sister company by the name of The video owners were even lured to get money upon posting their contents, based on the number of likes they get. It was all going well for, but took a drastic turn when MidnGeek sued a lawsuit of $462M against

Not the first time:

This is not the first time when porn giant MindGeek has taken down a site because of copyright infringement. It did that before with enough proof in hand, and now it did the same with victim being Not just the basic porn site but MindGeek took down the entire hosting site from its roots. MindGeek sued both websites for millions of dollars, to match up with its damages and attorney fees. is noted to be a pirate website, which went ahead and displayed copyrighted contents without any license or authorization. This porn website has an average user count of around 100 million users on a monthly scale, which is huge. Right after the lawsuit as posted by MG Premium, which is one of the subsidiaries of MindGeek, this website disappeared. 

More about the legal suit:

There was a DMCA subpoena, which has been filed by the MG Premium in September 2019. This was mainly filing against hosting site and porn site,, which is also noted to be the sister company of 

The subpoena mainly demanded for the security and the DDoS platform Cloudfare handover some of the major information of two sites. It will include IP addresses, names of the site operators, physical addresses and their phone number, posting histories, user histories and so on.

MG Premium has actually filed full-blown lawsuit in the Washington Court against and for good reasons. So, to be on the safer site, it is better to be an honest pornography site rather than taking someone else’s contents.