Some Assertion Of Dr Charles Noplis

Dr Charles Noplis has observed that most senior citizens cannot rest well because of who they are. Older adults are expected to have between seven (7) and eight (8) hours of rest or sleep every night. But unfortunately, these senior citizens are not refreshed in the morning because they cannot sleep during most parts of the night. This is a serious issue, according to Dr Charles Noplis, that many elderly individuals have to get solutions for as soon as possible.

It has been proven by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and also confirmed by Dr Charles Noplis that most senior citizens have problems resting well due to some reasons, notably;

  1. The sleep-wake cycle has somehow altered due to aging.
  2. Significant reduction in their bodies in producing melatonin and other sleep hormones.
  3. Sickness and pain they may be experiencing from any part of their bodies.
  4. Consuming a lot of caffeine in the afternoon and at night.
  5. Taking to smoking and drinking alcohol.
  6. Suffering from some issues or disorders like sleep apnea.
  7. Being on some medications probably to treat certain chronic diseases they have.

And being a practicing psychiatrist for several years in the USA, Dr Charles Noplis has also written about the effect of abuse as well as addiction to certain substances. He is talking based on the experience he has got to explain that the impacts could be very devastating on the mental well-being of the addicts. According to him, most drug addicts would struggle to accept that their substances or drugs, in this case, would affect their;

  1. Behaviors.
  2. Emotions.
  3. Moods.

Starting with the mood alternation, this once medical director and also outpatient provider at Renew Recovery LLC has claimed that these mood alternations could be immediate. Dr Charles Noplis has explained that mood changes could cause very serious elation or depression and maybe somehow unforeseeable or unpredictable.

According to this certified ABPM (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) personnel, people that use certain drugs consistently could abuse them and make their mood change or swing. The changes could be severe or mild. But this is dependent on the type of substances being abused. Mood swings could also be attributed to the affected person being unnecessarily anxious. And this period of paranoia could be serious or mild as well.

And on the matter of behavioral changes, Dr Charles Noplis has emphasized that many addicted people to substances could be behaving rather differently from the way they used to. And this could be related to the substances or drugs they have abused. An addicted person could become aggressive when he was very gentle before. This could pose a serious problem to them and those that are very much around them.

In the same vein, Doctor Noplis has explained, based on an experience he has had with some addicted people, that the following behaviors they exhibit could be somehow erratic;

  1. Having problems focusing on certain tasks that have to be done.
  2. Not really motivated and committed to doing stated duties or responsibilities.

Dr Charles Noplis has impressed that behavioral changes could make an addicted person unable to experience pleasure again (anhedonia).