The Joy of Owning Puppies

Puppies are adorable animals that many people love to take home as a new family member. However, Puppies can be quite a handful to housetrain and train. A good idea for first-time puppy owners is to read up on caring for Puppies so that you can offer your pet a comfortable home before bringing him home. Here are some helpful puppy buying tips:

All Puppies, especially those born in the spring, need at least six to eight weeks of age care before they will fully grow. If you purchase a puppy less than eight weeks old, you will have to start crate training as soon as possible. Some Puppies will weigh only 1%. Some Puppies will weigh as much as seven pounds. All healthy Puppies develop quickly after birth, so a healthy puppy should grow up to be about seven to ten pounds in the first year, then usually grow a bit more each year.

All Puppies, including those born in the spring, should be socialized early, particularly if you decide to house train your Puppies. Some Puppies may have difficulty keeping their eyes open in a group, so you may want to socialize them before you get them home. If you are going to house train Puppies, socializing them is an important first step. House training Puppies is easier when you start early.

If you decide to get dog peer cavoodle puppies, you might have to get them socialized as Puppies too. Some Puppies are easier to handle than others, and some dogs just don’t socialize well at all. Some breeds have a reputation for being difficult to own as well. However, studies show that most dogs do well when they are socialized from eight to sixteen weeks old. This is also the time period when Puppies begin developing their maternal instincts and will do the best job of caring for you as their owner.

When you bring home your first puppy, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look very good right away. Puppies tend to look nervous and scared for the first few days after being born. They may look less than perfect, or even worse, may look like they are dirty or ill. They may look especially ugly when they are ill. As Puppies get better, their appearance will improve but never go back to their original state. So, it may seem like your Puppies don’t do too well after you bring them home, but once they start growing and developing, you will soon see how amazingly smart, beautiful, happy and loving dogs they can be!

Just remember that Puppies will be Puppies! They will act like they always have, and while they may look different in the beginning, they will always be the same sweet, gentle, lovable dog you knew in grade school. You should never fear having Puppies, and you will soon realize they are so much more than dogs. They are wonderful friends, who love unconditionally, and will give you years of joy. And don’t forget about all the wonderful things you will learn about dogs as well, including a whole new world of tricks!