What comes to mind when you think of wall art? A nicely framed picture on a wall? This article will talk about how various pieces of work can be considered wall art. It will also talk about the necessary things you have to keep in mind if you are thinking about having your collection of wall art.

Wall art is pictures or photographs or designs that are painted on canvas, paper or any other material that is attached to an architectural surface. Some of the techniques commonly used in various wall art pieces are – fresco, distemper, encaustic, oil paintings and so on. Wall art on its own is a type of monumental art, but at times it can be purely ornamental.

How to wall art can be used :

In most cases, wall art is added to your home as icing on a cake – an afterthought. But you have to know the right wall art pieces are capable of providing for your entire room. They will provide an instant touch of colour and suggest a colour palette of varying shades as an inspiration for your room. So it will add more personality to your artfully decorated room.

It can create a focal point. If you want a specific corner of your room to be eye-catching, pick a wall art accordingly. The wall art will be the design element drawing attention to the furniture below and will give an idea of what to expect. It can also be used to add texture to your room. You can try wall art created in various mediums for a varying sense of texture in a space. Paintings, paintings, sculptures, shadow boxes – you have a whole array of different options to choose from.

With the advance of technology, you can use digital wall art as well. Small installations of mixed media wall art will be beneficial if you want to add some visual weight. They can also control how your home makes another person feel. While rough-textured wall art tends to give more intimate vibes, smooth grounded ones can give out more of an aloof one.

It is an important element of finishing up your House’s interior design. It should tie-up with the entire decorating style. Wall art provides us with an excellent framework that is incorporated in the interior and looks professionally put.

They make your home more inviting and worth the whole tough process of sourcing, purchasing, installing.

How to find perfect wall art:

Find perfect pieces according to – size, style, theme, colour, inspiration and the floor plan.

  • Find what you love. They should evoke a reaction. Wall art should bring happiness, excitement, ecstasy or calmness.
  • Select by size, so that it doesn’t throw off the balance, be dwarfed by furniture or spilling over. Consider the placement before buying. Whether you want to hang it on the wall or put it on top of a surface.
  • If you want to decorate the entire room with wall art, start with the focal wall art pieces and then move onto the smaller wall art. Different sizes are available like oversize, large, medium, small, mini. Some of it you can group up or use as centrepieces.
  • When in doubt buy in threes. It’s super effective.
  • From modern to traditional to coastal, wall art refines your style. You can use accent hues or go bold. But should tie with the whole aesthetic.
  • Go by theme like coastal with cool hues of green-blue.

Wall art adds more definition, dimension and depth to your room. Choosing them doesn’t even have to be a difficult process. Let your inner personality shine!  Be as morose or exuberant as you want and choose whatever you like!