Water flosser – a healthy alternative to strings

As per American dental association, it is recommended to brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and floss at least once a day. Typical floss is a thread like thin filament used to remove food particles between the teeth. This can reach places where a brush couldn’t. But string floss when not used properly can mess with the gums. The water flosser is the best alternative for this which ensures super clean and healthy gums and gaps. 

Plaque removal efficacy:

The water flosser is a handheld motor operated device which sends pressurized water out of the tip. The water could reach deeper into the gaps between the teeth than the traditional string ones. Also, it is recommended for people with braces, crowns, gingivitis as the string flosser may be uncomfortable in such cases. These are proven to be more effective in chasing plaque than any other methods which eventually acts as an easy teeth whitening method. They also have options to change the tips for gum massaging. This greatly helps in soothing the gums of any pain.

Steps to use:

Depending on the brand used, the best way to use a water pick or a water flosser may vary. The most common points to consider are:

  • Place the right tip needed as some brands have tip with brush, gum massaging tip, low pressure tip and such.
  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Lean over a sink. Keep the tip in the mouth and close the lips. Turn on the device with required settings.
  • Better to start from back teeth and move to front by giving required time at each tooth for cleaning. Let the water flow out of the mouth.
  • Switch off the device and rinse the mouth. 

With the increased awareness on dental hygiene, water picking or glossing is becoming a trendy alternative to traditional string flossers.