What is live betting in online gambling? Read to know

The IDNLIVE online gambling services provide the users with different kinds of casino games, including poker, and the individual can even play such games with the betting amount. However, there is an option via which the user can play any of the games listed on the site for free, and they will even receive a bonus for every winning that they will make. Such kind of facilities is tough to find with a land-based casino or gambling clubs in which the overall commissions are also high.


Live betting


In the IDN live online gambling portal, the user can enjoy similar gameplay for cards game, which they have ever experience while playing in a real casino. The site has an option in which the individual can play in live betting sessions in which upto five or six users of the portal are connected together for a play. They have to make bets on poker, blackjack, or the roulette gameplay, and the overall betting profits are higher in such gameplay method compared to the standard betting done on the platform.


However, there are different sequences available for the poker play and in which the user has no limitation over betting amount, and they can spend as much as they want. Therefore, the individual must consider a lesser quantity of stakes at the beginning of a match. This will give the user a better idea about the gaming method and how to make bets on such play. Apart from that, these sites also have a practice feature in which they can have a better understanding of the game.


  • Baccarat
  • Slots
  • Dice


Bonus winning


As we have discussed that these sites provide users with bonuses for every win that they make; however, there are few gameplay available on the portal, which offers bonus winning even for a smaller bet. In this option, the individual has to make bets on several games, and when they transfer the amount, the portal will provide them with a bet bonus. That they can use for making bets on some other premium games without spending any further expense. On the other hand, to enjoy all the services and features of these platforms, the individual must have a registered account with the site. The account registration also provides the users with a welcome deposit bonus, which can last between ten to twenty percent. Such amount can be transferred into the bank account of the player or even be used for booking a bet depending on the individual’s preference.


Calling support


The online gambling sites provide the customer with direct calling support with the executive of the portal, if they have any kind of trouble regarding bet play or any other concerns. In addition, there are no charges for calling features and if you want to know about the betting method, which is used to play games on the website. However, the best part is that there is no necessity that the individual has to register the account to access the calling support feature.