Buy a 360 Photo Booth and be Benefitted to the Fullest

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Is there nothing interesting at your party? Never Invite; is the state of many people’s mentality nowadays. They would rather lie on a couch and snore instead of attending a party filled with boredom. Do you want to be an exceptional party organiser? Buy a 360 photo booth and watch the crowd rushing towards your place!

Why a 360 photo booth?

These days, capturing the moment is more important than the moment itself! And a photography expert would charge more to click pictures creatively not only for you but also for your guests. In such cases, a 360 photo booth would complete half the task of a photographer by taking care of your guests.

What does it capture?

It rotates around the person standing on its elevated platform to capture a 360-degree video of them. It can be personalized to create slow motion (slo-mo) videos, gifs, boomerangs and many more to make the videos more interesting and unique.

When will the videos / photos be ready?

In this era of making everything live without a single minute of delay, there is no use in waiting for a video a whole day to share it. Your video will be ready even before you step out of the platform. Share it with a single click and enjoy the rest of the time at the party.

Boom your social media with unique videos:

Sharing your indelible moments on social media to receive an abundance of like and become a trendsetter would be like an after-party when the real party is over. You can customize your videos with a variety of software to break new grounds and polish your shots. 

As these kinds of videos reach large-scale social media users effortlessly, you could add your business theme or logos to it for marketing. Buy a 360 photo booth especially if you are an entrepreneur, wishing to advertise your brands in are low cost and distinctive manner.

Popularising your brand through the attendees would be more effective than using loads of marketing tactics and experts. 


Buying vs Renting:

The 360 photo booth are available for rent as well as sale. It would be better to buy yourself one as you can own it, use it frequently whenever you want, and need not worry about paying an extra charge when the party or event is extended for a longer duration than expected. 

You can find it at affordable costs, hence do not worry about the expenditure. Purchasing it for yourself and renting it for a minimum of 2-3 events would be the same cost. And if you are a party freak, you can better buy a360 photobooth instead of spending double the charge in renting it frequently. 

Get set to experience an open photo booth:

Gone are the days when photo booths were covered in drapes minimizing the size of the audience in it. In the present world where everyone loves to share their snaps and videos, privacy is not required. Buy a 360  photo booths for sale and have fun with your huge gang.