Do you like art? If yes, you will be happy to know that you have a chance to vote for it. If you have been waiting to praise the work of the artist and give your views through votes or other mediums, here is a perfect opportunity for you. There is a community that helps you vote for your favourite art from various choices. The name of the community is Botto. You may not have heard about it. So, today we will tell you everything about it. You will understand the working and motive of this community.

Botto is basically a generative artist, and it is governed by the community. The art created through Botto is based on your voting. It generates average art based on your understanding and voting. Every week, you are presented with 50 art pieces. You have to choose your favourite and vote for it. The 50 art pieces are together presented in front of the community, and it is labelled as series. In this series, the individual art piece is known as fragments. These art fragments are the subjects for voting.

Individual art pieces are voted by the community based on their preferences. You can be a part of the community and vote for your favourite art generated by the Botto. You get many advantages by providing your precious vote. Firstly, you get to see many appealing art pieces. Secondly, you get to decide which piece the best is. When you get the chance of voting as a community, you get the power on deciding the best art piece. A single vote represents the preference of the community. By voting, you also let the Botto know what appealing works you like about the art.

When the votes are collected, the data is treated as feedback for the artwork generated by the Botto algorithm. It also helps the Botto know what direction to work. Based on the collective feedback, the Botto also gets to know directions for the next series of art. The art of the Botto is governed by the community. The community votes and decides the direction for the Botto to work for the next piece of art. This is how the community helps in governing the art of Botto.

Once a week, the art of the Botto is put on an auction. The prize money of the auction is distributed among the community, as they helped to guide in the right direction. On the one hand, the auction takes place, while on the other hand, the Botto keeps working on the next art pieces or fragments. Those 50 art pieces or fragments are again presented in front of the community. This cycle keeps on running.

Bottom Line

If you want to participate as a community for voting for the art of the Botto, you have to get some knowledge about it. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you may visit the official website and understand the procedure. It is a nice way to see various impressive and appealing artworks, along with appreciating them.