Get familiar about unique Google Chrome’s extensions

Know that now, with Netflix and Hulu, you can project entertainment from your phone to your TV using your Chromecast. On the other hand, Chrome’s built-in Cast feature lets you launch what’s on your PC screen to your TV. To accomplish this, just right-click anywhere in Google Chrome and choose Cast from the context menu that appears.

Select the Chromecast-enabled device in the pop-up window, and your browser window will display on that device. If you want to cast a particular file to a specific TV rather than your whole desktop, you can do that too. But before you go through any of these, you must download chrome at first.

Put your magic wand in the Omnibox-

Chrome’s address bar, dubbed the Omnibox by Google, functions as a built-in Google search page. For example, it can answer simple inquiries and do conversions before you’ve finished entering the whole of your search phrase.

No individuals need to go through their favorite websites to search. To use this technique, go to the Wikipedia page on orangutans immediately instead of going to or Wikipedia’s home page first.

For example, entering “google” into the search field will utilize your default search engine. None of these features could be reached by us so easily before. But after Google Chrome has come into our life, we are now capable of reaching so many unique extensions. So, choosing to go withchrome installer is the best and wise decision for any user who browse a lot.

Music Playback Control Built-In-

Instead of switching between tabs to stop music or an article, you may just click the pause button on the tab you’re now on. The music note symbol in Chrome’s menu bar gives you access to the browser’s built-in music controller.

Play/pause, search backward and forward, skip or go backward are all available when you press the button. With a YouTube video, you have the option to view it from any tab in picture-in-picture mode or with live subtitles.

A Fast and Simple Search-

Chrome has a built-in search feature for when you’re on a web page and want to learn more about a word or phrase you saw. Choose Search Google for [highlighted text] from the context menu after selecting the word(s) you wish to look up.

You will see the results of your Google search in a new tab that’s opened. Choose a word or phrase to search for in Chrome’s omnibox instead of using the keyboard shortcuts.

When using Chrome on an Android smartphone, long-tap on any selected text to create a search card for the keyword you’re looking for. If you click on the card at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be sent to a Google search results page for the phrase or word that you selected.

Toggle between Tab Groups-

However, if you have a lot of active tabs and don’t know where everything is, it may be tough to surf the internet. Google Chrome allows you to arrange your tabs into groups for easier access. To establish a new group, right-click a tab and choose Add tab to new group.