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What is Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto is also known as GTA is one of the best-known series of action-adventure games out there. It was created by its founders David Jones and Mike Daily, around the late 1990s. It was immediately well received.

Soon multiple titles were being developed under the developmental ideas of the founding brother’s Dan, Sam, Leslie, and Aaron. It was intentionally developed and envisioned by a certain British development and production house called Rockstar North. This development house was formerly referred to as DMA design.


Its name:

The company that finally published it was Rockstar Games. The easy-to-remember name of the series has a definite interesting tone to it. It has become synonymous with young gamers worldwide. It was intended with references to the term “grand theft auto”, which is commonly used in the United States of America when mentioning the theft or robbery of a motor vehicle. This happens to be the story behind the iconic name.


How it’s played:

The game’s overall gameplay mainly focuses on an open world. This virtual world is where the players can complete their missions to progress overall in a certain story. The players can as well as engage actively in various other side activities through their characters.

Most of the active gameplay in GTA is all about driving and shooting to put it simply. But at the same time, it is not just that. It includes role-playing scenarios and certain other elements as well.


About the game:

This series is dotted with multiple elements of the earlier games from previous eras. All the games available in the Grand Theft Auto Series are mostly set in various fictional localities modelled after certain real-life cities. Most of the game is set in and around the early 1960s or the 2010s.

The map of the original game encompassed three fictional cities that are Liberty City (a virtual version based on New York). The other cities being San Andreas that is roughly based on San Francisco and Vice City that resembles the city of Miami. The later titles that were released tend to focus more on a single city. They usually are based completely in one of these three original localities.

The world of GTA majorly centres around different protagonists. These protagonists must attempt to fight and rise among the ranks of the criminal underworld. These motives of theirs may vary with each new title. Usually, the antagonists comprise commonly of characters that are believed to have betrayed the protagonist or the organization.


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