How could you choose the right cannabis strain for your body?

You would have heard and used the terms like marijuana, weed, and many more related to a product that would give you a head high with some alterations in your body and mental condition. These products are the by-products of cannabis plants that are known to be originated from the regions of Central Asia. Now, you can find a weed delivery Burnaby company easily as almost all countries have started growing these cannabis plants. However, there were only two parental species of cannabis in the past known as indica and sativa. However, with time, people have produced different strains of these plants by mixing the parental plants in various compositions. For instance, a mixture of a CBD-rich indica plant and THC-rich sativa plant would give you a product with balanced CBD and THC content. So, you can get a modified benefit of the two parental species at once. This new variant of the parental plants is known as a hybrid strain. There are several such strains available in the market. Each of these strains would contain different constituents and their effect would be different. In this article, let us discuss the process of choosing the right strain for your body. 

Process of choosing the right hybrid strain for your body

Check the flavor 

Whatever strain you choose, you would end up either eating or consuming it in the form of liquid or gas. So, the flavor and aroma of the product could either please you or irritate you. Since the majority of people would choose a CBD product instead of medicine for taste and aroma, you should choose the one according to your wish by checking them. 

Check the effects and benefits 

It should be the primary process as it would let you choose the right strain according to your requirements. You may choose a cannabis strain to treat a particular condition or to get mental relaxation. So, you should know whether the strain you choose would help you in achieving your goal. Also, all cannabis products have some side effects that could affect you in some ways. So, you should know these effects and your body’s tolerance levels before choosing the strain. 


Cannabis products would contain various constituents and the levels of these constituents should be under your control to stay away from their adverse effects on your body. For instance, THC levels would get your head high and some mood alterations. If you do not wish to get into that high state, you should choose a product that is low in THC. Likewise, there are several constituents to know in the product. 

Method of growth

If you wish the strain to be naturally grown outdoors, you should choose the strains that could grow in such a way. Some strains should only grow indoors and you could not expect them if you are in the first case. Some people would love to buy strains that are developed by the dispensary itself.