How Does Exclusive Solar Leads Differ from other Leads

5 Ways to Generate Solar Leads That Become Solar Sales

Choosing the right type of lead is crucial in the solar business, particularly when you are looking to get a return on investment. Exclusive solar leads and shared leads predominate in the market, but the question remains – which one should you choose over the other? While exclusive leads come at a higher price, shared leads are money-savers – it is important to ascertain which model suits your business better.

Exclusive Versus Shared Leads

A solar business thrives on good leads which helps to increase the number of sales. However, just getting leads doesn’t seal the deal – the leads need to convert from prospects into sales for your business to gain traction.

Each time your company purchases a shared lead, the cost of that lead is split across several companies, which could in a way, split your prospect’s attention. When competing with larger companies, smaller solar installers tend to lose out to their competitors who have better brand recognition and dedicated sales teams.

Exclusive leads, on the other hand, give solar installers the complete attention of their prospects. Rather than engaging in a high-pressure race against the clock with extremely strict competition, they can deliver their message without any interference.

Think Of Your Prospects

Potential prospects would like to do without the incessant calls from you as well as your competitors probing them to do business with you. A single call from their friendly local solar installer can do the job, in a much more effective way. A simple helpful conversation with a knowledgeable solar professional who can answer any queries without any hassle is more effective.

Costs Involved

Many smaller solar installers opt for shared or semi-exclusive leads due to their vastly reduced sticker prices that appear to better fit their limited budgets. While an exclusive lead might be more expensive, sometimes double, or even triple the costs, the return on investment is just as high, making exclusive solar leads a durable option from a long-term perspective.

Consider the following situation: If exclusive leads cost twice the price of shared leads, but allow you to convert five times as many prospects, which way should you be going? Exclusive leads guarantee more customers, while effectively reducing the time you spend chasing hopeless prospects.

Take a look at the pros and cons of each model before making an informed decision, it is always wiser to try both out for short periods of time before deciding which model works better for you.

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