How to Get Likes on Instagram: Promote Your Profile Without Going Broke

Do you love Instagram? If you do, you probably post about your favorite places, foods, and other stuff you love. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and followers, show off your photos, and hopefully get more followers. It’s also not a cheap social media platform to promote your business or brand. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get buy likes on Instagram. It’s actually very difficult to get followers organically. And you’ll have much more success with your post if you get likes from people who aren’t already followers of yours. If you’re like most of us, you probably use a budgeting app to keep track of your money. However, there’s another app that you should also be using — Instagram. Here are simple ways to get more Instagram followers without breaking the bank.


Grow Your Following on Other Platforms


One of the best ways to grow your following on Instagram is to establish your brand on other platforms first. When you’re starting out, try finding people who are already interested in your niche or product and are likely to follow you on Instagram. The more followers you have, the more likely people will notice you and follow suit.


Use an Automation Tool


An automation tool is a great way to increase the number of likes and followers you get on Instagram. The app will monitor your account and follow anyone who follows you back. It will also like or comment on your posts to get the ball rolling. You can set the budget that you want to spend, so it won’t go over your limit.


Post at the Right Time


If you’re going to post in the morning or late at night, it’s not a good idea. The best time to post on Instagram is between 12-2pm and 3-4pm. This is when the most people are online and more likely to engage with your posts.


Organize a Contest or Giveaway


One way you can get more followers is to hold a contest or giveaway. You want to be sure that your contest or giveaway is something that people are interested in. It could be anything such as a free trial of your product, a t-shirt, a discount on any of your products, the chance to win something, etc. Oftentimes when people enter into contests and giveaways they follow whoever is hosting them on Instagram because they entered the contest!


Write Longform Content


Content is king on all social media platforms. Especially on Instagram, where people are scrolling past images quickly and only reading a few words of text or captions. If you have the time to write a post with 500+ words and include a link in your caption, you’ll likely get more likes because it’s engaging and interactive. You can also use hashtags to make sure that people who don’t follow you yet see your post.


Make a Strong Editorial Decision


You want to take a first look at your Instagram profile and ask yourself this question: “What is my story?” If you have one, great! If not, you need to think about who you are and what you want to say. You should then give that editorial direction to your posts.