Know a Few Interesting Facts About The mao collar suits

If you like to maintain a subtle look, then the mandarin collars are the best choice. The elegant and humble style will add a glamor quotient. The style is timeless. It was in trend even in 220 BC. People have started to opt or the curved and wide peak lapels and the broad notch lapels too. But the mao collars were never out of fashion. Regardless of geographical boundaries, these collars have made its way in the men’s style statement all across the world. But when people in different countries use this collar, the names have become different. 

Don’t get confused

You will hear different terms for the same round mandarin collars. But as usual, if you are not conversant with the forms, then you won’t be able to understand that the terms indicate the same collar style. Many people like to call it the Chinese collar suit. In some countries, the name Nehru or Jawahar jacket is trendy. It is also known as the Jodhpuri suit as the Indians have added grandeur to the mao collar suitsThe band colors also go by the name of closed, round, high, or stand collars. You might get confused with the series of names. But then, as the great novelists said, what is there in a name?

A lifted collar

The basic shape of the mao collar is short and unfolded style on top of a shirt or the jacket. It will start right near your neckline and rise vertically through 2 to 5 centimetres. The fit is perfect with respect to the shape of the neck. The front closure at the center is mostly straight. Sometimes, it may have a rounded edge too to add some royal elegance. The edges seldom meet in the central part. If they meet, they overlap slightly. 

The origin story

If you are curious about the origin of the round collars, then here is some exciting information for you. The mao collars were in fashion in China and the Far East. The mandarin collar suits have travelled a long distance from China since then and made its way into the style of the men at all corners of the world. You can thus, regard China as the birthplace of the unique collars. Actually, the Mandarins used to wear this collar leading to the name mandarin collar too. So the Chinese have definitely contributed to your wardrobe styling.