Mega games Bring To You Easy-To-Break Ninja VS Samurai Slot Game

You will find a number of various online slot games on the Mega game. The games are easy to play. You can earn lots of real money from them. And the Mega games are easy to break too. You can win big jackpots and bonuses along with other exciting rewards.

Such an easy-to-break slot game is Ninja VS Samurai. You will find this game on the Mega games. You do not even have to download the game to play. You can play it directly on the website. The game can be played on mobile phones. There is no need to have a PC to play.

Ninja VS Samurai

This game is one of the many popular games you will find on the Mega game. It is a game of fighting. The fight takes place between two tribes – Ninja and Samurai.

Ninja VS Samurai is a 5 reels and 3 rows video game. There are a total of 20 lines of betting in this game. You will find various symbols too. Have a look at the functions of those symbols below-

  • The Scatter symbol

You will find 2 Scatter symbols in the game. One of them will appear in the form of a Ninja and the other in the form of a Samurai.

These symbols will appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. They will help you to win free spins and multipliers.

  • The Wild symbol

You will find a Wild symbol inside the game. This symbol will appear in the form of a castle. It will be able to substitute all the other symbols. But only the Scatter symbol cannot be substituted by this symbol.

This Wild symbol will appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. It also works as a symbol of the jackpot. This symbol can help you to win the highest bets in the game.

  • The Ninja symbol

It is a special symbol. You will receive the highest odds in the game with this symbol. This symbol can make your odds 15-150 times higher.

  • The Samurai symbol

This one is also a special symbol. It will also offer you the highest odds in the game. Your odds can be multiplied by up to 15-150 times with the help of this symbol.

Win free spins

If you find 3 Scatter symbols appear together on the reels, you will be able to win 9 free spins. Besides, if you find 1 or more Ninja or Samurai symbols, you will receive 1 extra round of free spins for each.

You can earn lots of real money by playing Ninja VS Samurai on the Mega games. The payout rate of this game is high. The deposit and withdrawal systems of the game are automatic. So, you do not have to wait long for the transactions to be completed.

You can also play other Mega games of your choice. All of them are safe and secure. Check them out now!