One-Day Tourist Guide In Kyoto

The four stages of a "perfect" vacation - Complete WellbeingIf time is devoted to planning, then incredible success will follow. When you are out on a tourist visit to a place that you are interested in, you are expected to plan your trip. The Kyoto Walking Tour is well planned and will leave you with echoes that will sound far into the horizon. If you’re in Kyoto, Japan, this one-day guide will leave you with memories that will last long after you’ve left this tourist hotspot. Enjoy.

BAU Coffee Shop

Early morning coffee works wonders on the body. If you want to really enjoy your day, then a visit to the coffee house BAU is not a luxury but a necessity. The location is north of Nijo Castle. This house is professionally run by an elderly Japanese gentleman who knows how to bring out the best taste in coffee. It will be excellent to start the day with coffee in this house.

Nijo Castle

 Nijo Castle is right around the corner. When you step out of the coffee house; take a walk around this castle and see the wonders of architecture and the surrounding gardens. There are inscriptions such as “Historic Monument of Ancient Kyoto”. This is the venue forstate-sponsored events for official visitors to Japan. You can take a walkaround this edifice even if you are not on official duty. It is best to be here early in the morning when the traffic is still very low.

The Kinkaku-Ji – The Golden Pavilion

There are two, and they are located at different ends of the city. The two are a must for those that want to connect with the higher realm during their visit. The two temples are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Temples and Shrines. If you want to achieve the ultimate in your Kyoto Free Walking Tour, you must visit the two temples.

A Philosopher’s Path

The Philosopher’s Path is not something you must miss. It is a monument to a famous Japanese philosopher. This was his path on his way to Kyoto University, and it was reported that he practiced meditation while on his way.

Nishiki Market

There is also the attraction of Nishiki Market. There are varieties ranging from matcha ice cream, seafood dishes, Japanese souvenirs, and high-end clothing. You will get mouth-watering delicacies here for your launch. There are takeaways that you can buy here and gift to your loved ones when you get back home.

Geishas of Kyoto

There are chances that you might see geishas strolling around Gion during or after their daily training. Be prepared for the sight of people chasing them and trying to take photographs of them. You must be careful here. An unauthorized photograph attracts a fine. If you want to take a photograph, ask for permission before you do so.

The plan for the Free Walking Tour Kyoto will bring in the best in tourism if you plan your day ahead. A clear guide is given above.