Plan a tour to Japan and have some fun time

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If you are fun loving person and like exploring different places then should include Japan in your bucket list. Known for its amazing culture, mesmerizing landscapes and the popular snow festival, this place is a must-visit. Among the several places in Japan, you should surely visit Sapporo. This place is known around the world for its outstanding snow festival. If you want to explore this place, you can surely go ahead and book the Japan Sapporo tours. Most of these tours are guided tours and include accommodation. You can also try the exotic cuisine while on your trip.

Major highlights of Sapporo

Snow festival

This festival is one of the most famous events organized for one week in February. People all around the world visit this place to witness the beautiful ice sculptures that are presented during the festival. Several events also take place during the festival. There are three sites where it is staged. These include Tsu Dome Site, Odori Site and Susukino Site. Odori Site is the main site where you can witness huge ice sculptures highlighted with neon lights. If you are looking for entertainment, you can visit the Susukino Site. To enjoy the activities like snow rafting and snow slides, you can visit the Tsu Dome Site.

Beer museum

This is the oldest beer museum located near the Sapporo station. It is known to brew the most popular and oldest beers in Japan. If you like beer then you can get a guided tour of this historical building and after the end of tour, you can enjoy beer tasting. There are two adjacent beer gardens that serve a variety of beers that you can enjoy.


If you are looking for a place to have entertainment, then you can enjoy the night life in suskino. Here you can enjoy the most famous nabe and ramen Yokocho.