Reasons Why Many Chinese Americans Have Quit Smoking

Cheap cigarettes are a great way to take your smoking habit up a notch or two. For most people, it’s hard to kick the habit when they have easy access to cigarettes. There is no one standing in your way to purchase a pack of cigarettes and nothing is stopping you from purchasing them from the local convenience store or supermarket. But what many smokers fail to realize is that cigarettes online are one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This is why so many people are trying to get away from them. There are benefits to quitting smoking and here are a few of them:


The first benefit to quitting smoking is that you save money. The average price for cigarettes is about eleven cents a pack. When you purchase cigarettes online for around fifty cents each, you quickly see the price difference. While most might think these are cheap cigarettes, actually they aren’t.


Smokers also save a lot of money by not buying cigarettes in bulk. A package of cigarettes can easily burn through three packs in a matter of months. Nondaily smoked cigarettes, on the other hand, take twice as long to burn through. This is because smokers often don’t realize how much smoking does affect their bodies.


Another one of the benefits of quitting smoking is less tobacco use. Research shows that people who quit smoking reduce their exposure to secondhand smoke by around eighty percent. Of course, not all of them do so successfully. Those who smoke often still consume tobacco and they increase their risks of lung cancer, chest cancer, throat cancer, and other kinds of cancers brought on by tobacco use.


Smokers also save money by not buying cigarettes in packs. This means no more having to buy four packs of cigarettes a month. These smokers can save a lot of money by choosing to go cold turkey and not buy cigarettes in bulk. There are many no-tax strategies available to cigarette smokers but the bulk-buying of cigarettes has one major advantage – you avoid paying the tax on it.


The above are just some of the reasons why smokers may choose to give up their cigarettes for good. One of the most common reasons, and probably the best reason, is the fear of diseases brought on by secondhand smoke. In recent years, many Chinese American smokers have opted to give up smoking because of this fear. Some companies have gone out of business because of their unwillingness to cater to the Chinese American customer and smoker community. This means that the only viable option for Chinese Americans is giving up cigarettes or changing their purchase habits.