Have you ever wondered why your hair becomes dry, brittle and lifeless in the summer? Despite the fact that our hair strands are composed of inanimate cells, they are subject to the destructive action of the sun.

On damaged hair colour changes very quickly – this is a sure sign of improper care. If you have natural or dyed hair, you will notice how it changes slightly during the summer. This happens because the sun’s rays combine with oxygen in the air; as a result, the melanin in the hair reacts and disappears. This phenomenon gives the effect of sun-kissed to natural hair, while dyed hair loses colour noticeably and can become streaky.

To prevent this, apply a sunscreen product which contains ingredients that act as UV filters. In the composition, look for valuable oils – sesame, almond, argan oil, fruit acids, flower extracts.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays makes hair brittle and easier to damage. The summer sun not only changes the colour of our hairstyle, but also causes oxidative stress. Elements such as salt water, chlorine and environmental aggressors weaken the hair structure, causing brittleness.

Going outside without protecting the hair and scalp from the sun can cause a “kiss of death”, especially for those who already have damaged hair. Do not forget about headgears – now their diversity allows you to choose a very stylish and colourful solution for any look.

Extreme temperatures can drain moisture out of your hair. But many people do not know that elements such as salt water, chlorine and hair products can accumulate on the hair and scalp, which makes the situation worse. If they are not washed off, they can “strangle” the hair and disrupt the natural pH level, which will lead to dryness and dehydration of the hair in Midtown Barbershop.

A simple rule of moisturizing the scalp and hair along the entire length can save you from the unpleasant sensations of dryness and hair loss. Be sure to rinse your head after swimming in the sea with running water and apply a light moisturizer – fluid, balm or indelible cream mask.

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