Tezos Web Wallet – Learn More About It

Since the year 2009 with the launch of Bitcoins, the world was left mesmerized with this revolutionary concept of cryptocurrency or virtual assets. Cryptocurrencies with their anonymous nature took the world by a storm because people took this really well and adapted to it really fast. 

With the ongoing technological advances and introduction of fast-paced applications like Facebook, Twitter, and more, cryptocurrencies went hand in hand with these epoch-making changes that were occurring all over the world. 

Further approved and receiving a nod of appreciation from none other than Elon Musk, these cryptocurrencies boomed and thrived in the world market. From businessmen to celebrities, WOM promoting, trending on social media, cryptocurrencies swept across the world, being used by people all around. The more exposure this received, the more variants came into existence and the more currencies were added.

Now, not everything can remain well and good because soon with the onslaught of theft and hacking people lost their precious valued cryptocurrencies and were left bereft and queasy with the concern for the safety of their assets. This is when the cause of concern began to bother the engineers into amplifying the security protocols for better protection of these virtual currencies.

Tezos And How It Expanded

Tezos, a decentralized platform shares a lot of features with Ethereum. One, both of these blockchains support dApps, meaning smart contracts. However, Tezos paves the way for XTZ holders or Tezos’ coin holders to govern them and vote on the future direction of the network.

Tezos is unique in a lot of aspects, one of them being the on-chain governance feature which can be termed as an experiment, which works similar to the system of democracy as it accepts suggestions of changes or modifications from the XTZ holders with the help of votes and invoices.

The Proof-of-Stake mechanism is what enables all the participants’ vote and decide on the state of the blockchain. With features like Smart Contracts, formal verification proof-stake, Tezos expanded and now reigns.

Tezos Web Wallet

Tezos tokens or “tez” enable users to keep in contact with the Tezos blockchain, there are numerous wallets that support the use of tez.

Software wallet options vary from Airgap, Magma, Galleon Wallet, Zengo, Kukai (web wallet).

Hardware wallet options vary from Ledger and Trezor.

Kukai is Tezos Web Wallet that enables users to use it as an open-source web wallet for Tezos or tez to be stored and managed via access to features like multiple accounts, make transactions.

Kukai the Tezos Web Wallet has had updates following which t introduced DirectAuth, enabling users to one-click login and ability to send and receive tez simply by entering their Gmail or Twitter handle. Kukai promises simple to use user interface making it easier for people to keep check of their valuable assets and make transactions as simple as possible.

Added to this is course the elite security that the Tezos Web Wallet promises its users and delivers seamlessly, helps Kukai maintain its Ecosystem and future updates. Kukai has established itself as being one of the most secure Tezos Web Wallet for tez or XTZ, also the most user-friendly and easiest to use with one tap login via Gmail, Reddit, or Twitter which enables people on a global scale to use it.