The best whole bean coffee and Brewing Methods

Whether you enjoy your coffee black or with a little creamer, a cup of the best whole bean coffee is essential. Drinking the right kind of coffee day in and day out can be tricky, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to get the perfect cup every time from choosing the right type of beans to the brewing method, read on to learn all you ever wanted to know about drinking your favorite coffee.


What is Whole Bean Coffee?

Whole bean coffee is coffee beans that have never been processed or roasted as part of a larger beverage, this type of coffee is also known as unprocessed or raw coffee beans, the term best whole bean coffee is used because these beans have never been shredded, crushed, or de-pulped.

This type of coffee is only sold in the whole form most commercial whole bean coffee is sold in bags or containers of green coffee beans, this means the beans are still in their natural, unroasted form.


The 4 Main Types of Coffee

  • Green Coffee Beans
  • The raw beans that are used to make coffee.
  • Roasted Coffee Beans – The beans that are roasted to create different types of coffee.
  • Decaffeinated Coffee – This is coffee beans that have been stripped of their caffeine content.


Dark Roasts and Light Roasts – Which is Better?

If you love the rich taste and aroma of a dark roast coffee, then you should definitely try a medium roast, if you prefer a lighter, brighter aroma and flavor, then a light roast is better.

Dark roasts are less acidic than medium roasts and have a more plum and chocolate flavors, dark roast coffees are great for iced coffee drinks because they are less likely to taste sour from too much ice, because of the intense flavor of dark roasts, though, most people prefer drinking these coffees with cream or sugar.

Light roasts have a lighter flavor and aroma than dark roasts, light roasts taste more like green coffee beans than the dark brown flavors of dark roasts when brewed with hot water, and light roasts create less acidity than dark roast coffees, allowing for a sweeter taste.



French Press, Pour-Over, and Drip – Which Works Best?

For one cup, you really can’t beat the French Press method, this is because a French Press brew method uses coarse ground coffee that’s full of oils and natural antioxidants, if you prefer a drip coffee maker to a French Press, then you’ll get the most out of that method, too, and if you use a pour-over method, then you’ll be getting a cup of coffee that’s more like espresso than drip coffee.



Now that you know the basics of how to make whole bean coffee, it’s time to find the best beans for your brewing method, there are many types of beans available, and you’ll want to find ones that suit your brewing method and taste preferences best.

Next, you’ll want to learn how to brew the best cup of coffee with the help of these brewing methods, these tips, tricks, and recipes will help you get the most out of your coffee brewing experience, whether you use a French Press, drip machine, or something else. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your daily cup of coffee, no matter what method you use.