The Evolution of Darth Revan’s Lightsaber

In the Star Wars series, images of certain characters can take a life of its own. Often, our vivid imagination only remembers them battling one another in a lightsaber duel. The evolution of Darth Revan lightsaber has its own story to tell.

Revan is one of the more complicated characters in the series. He was introduced to us as a Jedi, only to betray our trust by joining the Dark Side, then surprise us all by rejoining the Jedi allegiance. Often, his weapon of choice was a lightsaber as the color of the blade was dependent upon which side Revan was aligned with at the time.

Revan’s Jedi Allegiance

Darth Revan was borned during the Old Republic era as he was raised as a Padawan under the tutelage of Jedi Master Kreia. Quickly, Revan impressed the Jedi Council with his lightsaber skills during his apprenticeship under Kreia.

After becoming a Jedi Knight, Revan clashed with the council over the course of action taken during the Mandalorian War. They wanted to limit their participation in the conflict, but Revan had other thoughts. He believed it was the right time to overtake them and with the assistance of his fellow Jedi Knight, Malak, sprang an offensive attack to defeat their leader Mandalore the Ultimate.

It’s here where we see the evloution of Revan’s lightsaber. We begin visualizing him with a classic blue lightsaber like the other Jedi Knights. However during his disagreement with the Jedi Council, Revan begins wielding a purple color lightsaber that represents his independence in the fight with Mandalorians. His actions were going against the wishes of the Jedi Council. You had a feeling that it was a matter of time before Revan left the Jedi allegiance.

Revan as a Sith Fighter

Darth Revan and Malak fell under the spell of Sith Emperor Vitiate, who used a mind-altering technique to get them to do his dirty work. However, both Revan and Malak did free themselves of Vitiate’s control, but they chose to remain as soldiers for the Dark Side. Revan devised a plot to overthrow the Galactic Republic. Thus, with his plan in motion, Revan’s lightsaber is glowing red which confirms his allegiance to the Sith Empire.

In the end, the Civil War against the Jedi Force failed as the Republic prevailed as the final battle saw Revan fighting Jedi leader Bastila Shan. Their battle rendered Revan unconscious as Malak felt betrayed and destroyed Revan’s lightsaber in the aftermath.

The Return of Revan to the Jedi Culture

While recuperating from his injuries, the Jedi Council ruled to have Revan’s memory wiped clean of his time fighting for the Sith Empire. Then, they ordered a new identity be created for him as a loyal Republic soldier. With no knowledge of his past life, Revan created a new light saber that emitted a blue shade for his loyalty to the Jedi Council.

Soon, Revan came into contact with his former partner, Malak, who had become the leader of the Sith Empire. This encounter escalated into a classic lightsaber duel, which saw Revan using a green-colored lightsaber. During the battle, Revan’s memories of his time with the Sith Empire resurfaced. Later, he was captured in a failed assassination attempt of the Sith Emperor Vitiale. Following his release from prison, Revan prepared himself for one last battle against the Sith Empire. Darth Revan lightsaber had one last alteration as it went to violet during the epic final battle.