Update Your Bare Mirrors With DIY Mirror Frames

Bare mirrors without any frames were trendy in recent years as people flocked to this no-frills style. However, this ultra streamlined look isn’t right for everyone. Maybe you want a more comfortable, homey atmosphere. Maybe you’re over the bare look and have fallen in love with a different style. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on new pieces. Just add some DIY mirror frames from MirrorMate. Here’s how:

Dream It

Start by getting inspired! Flip through Pinterest, read home decorating catalogs, or take a look at our mirror makeovers to figure out what new style to bring into your space.

  • Want more warmth?Look at gorgeous hardwoods, which come in tones from walnut to cherry to white oak. These have been sanded, stained, or otherwise prepared to show off the wood grain at its best.
  • Looking for a very ‘now’ trend?Distressed and antique metals are big this year. These range from champagne to weathered metallics and offer old world charm.
  • Does the space need color?Pick a ready-to-paint option. These frames have been smoothed and primed. All you have to do is paint on a pop of bright color.
  • Are you taking the decor in a rustic direction?Charming barnwood and sun-bleached driftwood tones can add gentle visual interest to the space.

Measure It

Measure the frame carefully. We have a measuring worksheet and videos to help you get this important step right. Now, measure it again. Did you get the same numbers? Great, you’re ready to order!

Is it a very large mirror? Most of our frame options are available at up to 112″ inches long. For XL jobs, we’ll splice two frames together for up to 142″ long.

Reach Out

Are you stumped about how to measure that tri fold mirror or the one with lights embedded in the top? Contact us. One of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will help you troubleshoot and plan the right frame.

Attach It

Once your frame has been delivered to you, get everything set up. This includes:

  • clear clutter out of the way
  • clean the mirror with rubbing alcohol and let the glass dry
  • attach the four frame pieces together
  • test fit the assembled frame against the glass, checking that everything fits as it should

Now it’s finally time to attach your DIY mirror frame. For bigger and heavier frames, you may want to recruit a helper. You simply align the frame against the bottom, side to side, and then along the top. Pull off the tape backing and press the sticky tape against the glass. Finally, enjoy your updated mirror.