Ways to Reduce Costs When Using a Self Storage unit

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Storing valuable possessions in a Self Storage unit is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re using the storage unit to de-clutter your home, to store seasonal items, or to keep important documents safe, it’s essential that your valuables are kept secure. In this article we will discuss the various security measures that can be taken to ensure your belongings stay safe and sound while being stored in a Self Storage facility. 


Physical Security Measures 

The physical security of your belongings should be the first priority when renting a storage unit. The facility itself should have high quality locks on all units as well as round-the-clock surveillance. Ask about the type of locks used and whether you need to bring your own or if they are provided by the facility. It’s also important to ask about access protocols – many facilities have restrictions on who can enter the premises and when they can access their storage units. 


When choosing a storage unit, inspect it carefully for any possible points of entry (such as gaps between walls). Consider where your unit is located within the facility – is it close to an entrance/exit point? Is there adequate lighting in the area? Are there CCTV cameras covering the area? These are all factors that can influence how secure your belongings are within a self-storage facility.                           

Security Systems 

In addition to physical security measures in place at the facility, consider investing in additional security systems such as alarms and motion detectors. Alarms will alert you if someone attempts to enter or access your storage unit without permission while motion sensors will detect any movement near your unit (e.g., an intruder trying to break in). You may also want to install CCTV cameras around your storage unit so that you can monitor what’s happening at all times. All these devices will protect not only against theft but also vandalism and damage caused by weather conditions.  



Finally, make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for any items stored in your self-storage facility. While most facilities offer basic insurance packages, these usually don’t cover all eventualities so it pays off to get comprehensive coverage from an independent provider just in case something goes wrong with regards to theft or damage caused by weather conditions etc. This way you won’t be left out of pocket if something does happen – and with ample protection in place for both physical and digital security measures, hopefully nothing ever will! 



Self-storage units provide an excellent solution for those looking for additional space for their possessions – but it is essential that these units are adequately protected from potential thieves and other hazards like fire and flooding etc. By implementing physical security measures at the facility itself (e.g., good quality locks) as well investing in additional systems such as alarms, motion detectors and CCTV cameras you can ensure that your valuables remain safe whilst stored away safely in a self-storage unit; additionally obtaining adequate insurance coverage will provide extra peace of mind should something go wrong despite all of our best efforts! With these tips under our belt we hope that now you feel confident enough to start storing away those treasured items securely!