What are all the variations of online Baccarat? 

Online gambling in Malaysia 

The gambling industry has transformed from going to physical casinos in your locality to online casinos. Although Malaysian gambling laws have some restrictions for some people of the country, you can play the games in a trusted online casino Malaysia. There will be a few native sites along with several international casino websites that allow people from everywhere around the world. These websites will have many games to choose to play. A new player should choose an easy-to-understand game to begin his journey to avoid difficulties. Among the easy games out there, one of the popular games is Baccarat. It is a card comparison game that is played with the help of a dealer. Since there are several variations of the game, you should know about them before you start playing one. In this article, let us discuss the variations of online Baccarat. 

Variation of games in Baccarat

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the standard version of Baccarat and the most played game in casinos around the world. Punto refers to a player, and Banco refers to a bank. Two playing hands will be there as the player hand and bank hand. The dealer will deal cards with both of the hands. The bettor will not have any contact with the cards. The player can place his bet on either of the bank-hand or the player-hand. Six or eight decks of cards will be there. The objective of the game is to place the bet on the hand that gets a total close to 9. The game starts by the players placing bets on the respective hands. Then the dealer will deal one card on each hand. Then the second card. After the second card, they will turn face-up. The caller will count the total. If the total is 8 or 9, the hand wins. Else, the game will continue. The hand that has a total of less than 5 should take another card. If the total is 6 or 7, the hand will stand. 

Chemin de fer

It is a variation of Baccarat in which there will be a banker hand (players can go bank in turns) and a representative hand (the player with the highest wager). Both the banker and the representative will be from the players in the game. Every player and the banker will place bets. Two cards will be dealt one to each of the banker and the player representative. They will turn face-up. If either of the banker or player has a total of eight, then the cards will turn up and compared. The person with the highest hand wins. If the banker wins, all the money bet by the players will go to him. If the player wins, each player will get their wager back along with the matching amount from the bank, and the banker position will pass on to the next person. 

Baccarat Banque

It is similar to Chemin de fer, but the banker is the same throughout the game.