What Is the Most Effective Method of treatment for Premature Ejaculation – is it Therapy or pills for premature ejaculation?

If you are experiencing difficulties with your bed performance and seeking a reliable and long-lasting therapy for premature ejaculation, you have arrived at the right site. There are several Premature Ejaculation therapies available, such as pills for premature ejaculation, meditation, and physical exercises but their application should be following one’s problem and cause of the condition. Knowing the reasons for Premature Ejaculation will undoubtedly help you to choose the most suitable therapy. Here are some helpful suggestions:

Some of the Reasons for Premature Ejaculation, as well as the therapies available, are: 

There are a Variety of Reasons for Premature Ejaculation, including: 

Typically, a person with a PE issue is known as a male who is unable to spend more time in bed with his spouse, despite his desire to do so. The average person could only stay intimate for 3 or 4 minutes in severe circumstances. PE of this kind is said to be either psychological or physical. If you have such an issue, you may choose from a variety of therapy options that are accessible depending on the cause of your condition.

Psychological Cause 

Some guys have strange thoughts after having one or two terrible experiences with premature ejaculation, and because of these events, they have a constant concern that they will not be able to stay intimate with their girlfriends for a longer time. They begin to believe that they are not genuine males and refrain from having sexual relations with their female partners, which is often the cause of a breakup. This sort of fear allows the normal flow of serotonin, which is specifically related to sexual function, which causes or leads to anxiety.


If you fall into the latter group of PE, talk with your doctor, and get a prescription for an SSRI such as Prozac, among other medications. The goal of using this kind of solution is to increase the level of serotonin in the body.

Physiological Cause 

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and are also poor in your control, and you are not experiencing any psychological problems, then your serotonin level is most likely abnormal. The hormone serotonin helps calm a man’s body, it is the key hormone for mood and well-being, happiness and an imbalanced amount of serotonin is the primary cause of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


If you have the above-mentioned difficulties, visit a treatment facility to discuss your problems. Learn how to relax during a sexual encounter as well as how to focus on the act of sex itself. Ignore your thoughts on what is going to happen during or after the event and focus on the love and satisfaction you are experiencing.

Scarcity of Prior Experience 

Typically, young people who are introduced to this sphere of life get overexcited, and they end up in the third kind of treatment approach. This style of therapy focuses on familiarizing individuals with the techniques for managing their arousal let alone the manners for performing sex.


Most of the time, if someone is about to have sexual relations with another person for the first time or during the preliminary phases, they get overexcited and finish early and leave their partners unsatisfied. The most effective technique is to learn how to regulate one’s enthusiasm while maintaining normal blood pressure. Desensitization is also beneficial in the treatment of this kind of premature ejaculation issue or talk to your doctor about pills for premature ejaculation.