What things should you keep in mind while having Active Directory?

As the companies are growing and expanding worldwide, the most significant problems of this organization are file security and centralization. Microsoft developed a solution for this, and that is called Active DirectoryActive directory is the solution to problems like these. Directory service provides you to make a network that would be able to share the information and devices and allow you to transfer the files.

Active Directory works with a more straightforward structure; it assigns a namespace to every object in the network. This process allows the object to be uniquely identified in the network. Namespaces are nothing but a series of symbols assigned to the node. Every namespace is unique to others. To manage the information of every user in the network directory use active directory phonebook.

Active Directory cannot be accessed by anyone who has not been registered. The active directory allows two types of users to log in one is the administrator, and another is a simple user. Every user is registered, and as we put the credentials, we get the information we are authorized for. Active Directory services have many services active directory phonebook is one of them.

Active Directory is a great and essential resource for organizations. It manages the file and also increases the security of the file system. Let’s understand the points which we should keep in mind having Active Directory: –

  • Suitability: – You should have your Active Directory according to your organization. The Active Directory should match the structure of the organization. If it is suitable for your organization, you do not have to wander around for finding an object. This increases the efficiency of every user.
  • Authority: –After having an Active Directory according to your organization. You should give everyone permission to the directory according to their need. If you do this, your directory would be in danger. This could be resolved by separating the roles of accessing the directory and then giving the role to users.
  • Self-Service Portal: –Many organizations do not have a self-service portal as they do not consider it is as relevant and does not waste time. Most times, it is the wrong approach as users can waste IT professionals’ time for changing their personal information. So, a self-service portal is made for the user who wants to change their information. This will not waste the time of professionals and let them have a focus on something useful.
  • Password: – Users often forget their password, and it is very tedious to recover your password. That is why you should not have a traditional password system. You can adopt the SMS system; the password would be sent on your work phone, and you can log in. The other option than the SMS system is by asking security questions if you answer right you would be logged in, and if not, you would be restricted to enter the directory.

Active directory is vital for the modern workplace. It has many services like Domain, active directory phonebook, Certificate servicesand many more. So, if you want to have an organized and safe file storing system, you should have an Active Directory system.