Why You Should Use A2 Formula For Your Baby?

When your baby is just beginning to learn how to eat, you may find yourself leaving a lot of research and reading many articles on what will be the best milk formula for your little one. While most parents would agree that cow milk is not advisable in the first year of life, it is also important to know which milk type might be best in meeting your baby’s needs at this stage. Even though there are numerous benefits of using A1 milk instead of A2, there are even more reasons why you should use A2 milk formula for your baby. Here’s why:


A2 Milk Has Complete Proteins


When you start feeding your baby formula milk, it is important to know which type of milk has complete proteins. At this stage, your baby’s digestive system is not strong enough to digest proteins found in cow milk. Therefore, the proteins found in cow milk can cause allergies and even digestive issues. The type of proteins that are essential for your baby when they are weaning off breastfeeding are called ‘A2 beta-casein’. This type of protein is found in the milk of most cows in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. 


A2 Milk Does Not Cause Digestive Issues


As we have mentioned before, A1 milk can cause allergies and even digestive issues in babies. This is due to the fact that the A1 milk proteins are more difficult for your baby’s digestive system to break down. While your baby is still breastfeeding, it is quite likely that they will develop an immunity to A1 milk proteins. However, once breastfeeding stops, their digestive system may not be strong enough to break down these proteins. Therefore, it is very likely that your baby will experience digestive issues and may even develop allergies.


In comparison, your baby might have digestive issues and sleep poorly if they are drinking A1 milk due to the fact that it is more difficult for their digestive system to break down. Therefore, your baby may be fussy and irritable, and get gassy and bloated as well.


Contains Good Amount Of Calcium And Vitamin D


Lastly, another reason why you should use a2 formula for your baby is that it contains good amounts of calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients are crucial for your baby’s development and health. Therefore, you should choose a milk formula that provides your baby with the correct nutrients. A1 milk is fortified with vitamin D, but contains lower amounts of calcium than A2 milk. In contrast, A2 milk contains low amounts of vitamin D, but has high amounts of calcium. Therefore, it is advisable to use A2 milk formula for your baby to ensure that they are getting enough calcium and vitamins.


A2 milk is a better choice for your baby due to the fact that it has complete proteins and does not cause digestive issues. In comparison, A1 milk has incomplete proteins and can cause allergies and digestive issues. Therefore, when choosing between A1 and A2 milk formula for your baby, you should definitely go for A2 milk to ensure that your baby does not experience any allergies or digestive issues.