8 Common Reasons For Barking And How To Solve It

It’s natural for Golden Retrievers to bark. But if your dog barks too much to the point of disturbing your neighbours, it could cause problems. Because you can’t confine your dog in a sound-proof room, you should train your Golden Retriever pups to stop barking excessively. First of all, you need to know why your dog barks continuously.

8 Common Reasons For Barking And How To Solve It

Excitement- if you have a playful dog, he will often greet people and other dogs. Excitement is shown by wagging his tail, occasional jumping, and happy barking.

Health Issues- older Golden Retrievers with hearing problems could bark more often because they can’t hear themselves barking. Certain pain and discomfort may also cause incessant barking.

Intrusion- Golden Retrievers are naturally territorial and they will bark when there’s a potential intruder. The bark will be louder when the threat is closer. The dog assumes an aggressive posture when his ears are up and tail is high.

Too Much Noise- many Golden Retriever puppies are reactive to excessive noise. Your dog may bark when the doorbell rings or a car drives by.

Form Of Communication- your dog barks because he wants to communicate. Different types and tones of barking represent different messages.

Lack Of Activity- Golden Retriever puppies can be bored and frustrated when confined for days in the same place. Dogs are pack animals and they want to be a part of a group. The dog could become sad, if left alone too long.

Fear- your dog could be fearful of certain things. He could be afraid of strangers, loud noises, intimidating-looking objects, or other dogs. It is fairly easy to tell whether your dog is afraid of something. If his tail is stiff and low, while ears are back, he could be afraid of something.

Seeking Attention- when your dog wants attention, he may bark. He could be thirsty or hungry. He may also want to play outside and get some treats.

There should be positive reinforcement to tell your dog when to bark. Praise the dog when he’s barking at a stranger who enters the property unannounced. It’s also important to train your dog to stop barking when given the command. You may say the command “Quiet!” firmly and praise him when he stops barking. You need to address other potential issues like noises and potential health problems as well.

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