How to pack your dishes to improve their presentation?

Are you planning on opening your business? Do you want to expand your menu and you need a few suggestions? Or maybe you think that it is time to introduce new ways to serve takeaway dishes in your restaurant? No matter the reason, help is here!

The difference lies in the details! 

When running a restaurant, you know that your food means your reputation. Its taste, aroma and the way it is presented, influence consumer perception and can change the outcome of your business. Customer loyalty is one oft he most important currencies in this business. Consumers are the ones recommending your food to their family and friends, and they will recommend your dishes on social media. The more exposure your logo gets, the better. Every imprint of your logo on napkins, trays, tables, or takeaway boxes is a good advertisement. A seemingly simple French fries’ container carried by someone in the street attracts the attention of other people. They subconsciously check what it is and where  it came from. It doesn’t matter if you are running a big restaurant, a food truck or a small street stall. Every little detail counts when it comes to advertising.


Begin with the right presentation 

Choosing the right food container isn’t an easy task. You have to consider the type of food that is going to be served. If you decide to go with paper containers, they should be sturdy, so thy don’t get soaked through with grease or sauce. The quality and the thickness of paper matters a lot. Before deciding on one type, test a few different options. Put the French fries in, pour the sauce on, check the sturdiness and the quality oft he container. Test the capacity of a given container with your chosen portion sizes. 

When it comes to serving French fries, there are some containers to choose from- the cone, paper envelopes, and trays. In the case of burgers, there are paper and cardboard containers, which provide more protection from deforming while in transport. Choose the right packaging for your needs; that is whether you will use them as disposable, takeaway, or for eat-in options.

Disposable paper containers are a better option than plastic, especially for fast-food restaurants. They are lighter and much more comfortable for the customers, who often eat on the go. They are also the best solution for street stalls and food trucks without the option to sit at a table and eat.


Regardless of the container you choose, do not forget about the imprint. Personalizing its design should be a part of a cohesive marketing strategy. That always reminds the customers of where they purchased the fries or the particular burger they are eating.


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