How to play each type of slot machine game?

Online slots, an overview

You can find several Situs Slot Online that can help you play various slot machine games. Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling that became attractive because of the easy gameplay. There will be no need for training or skill in the game, and you can win by choice. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay of slots using different types of them. 

The gameplay of different types of online slot machine games

The gameplay of reel slots – You will find a slot machine with three reels on it. There will be up to ten different symbols or characters on each of these reels. The objective of the game is to select a specific character and get it under the pay line on each of the reels after the rotating reels stop. The pay line will be horizontal, and hence it will connect one symbol from each reel. If your symbol is mango and it comes up under the pay line after the spin, you will win. 

The gameplay of video slots – In a video slot game, you will have the same machine with five different reels with the same set of characters. But here, you would have to play with a minimum of nine pay lines. The number of pay lines can go up to thousands as per the machine. However, there will be only one active pay line in the game. You will select the character and the desired pay line in the beginning. Each pay line will have a bet amount, and you would need to place that much bet to activate it. Once you have selected the pay line and the character, you can start the rotation of the reels by pressing the spin button. After some time, the reels will stop at once. One character from each of the five reels will come under your selected pay line. If it is the character you guessed in the beginning, you will win. However, there will be some variations of the game where adjacent placements of characters also will make you a winner with a separate payout. 

The gameplay of progressive slots – The gameplay of progressive slots is in no way different from that of the reel and video slot machine games. However, there is one huge difference between these games. The prize amount or the payout you win after a winning combination will be bigger. This payout is known as a Jackpot, and it will be growing as hell every minute. The casino you are playing in would have dozens of slots operating at the same time. So, a small part of the bet amounts of every player in these slot games will go to the progressive Jackpot. Hence, it will be never-ending until any player wins it over. A player who has got the right combination in a progressive game will take all the money present at that moment in the Jackpot.