Non-Colored Vehicles Pose New Challenges For Repair Centers

As though understanding how to apply new technology and waterborne paints wasn’t a good enough headache, new methods for finishing an exterior are visiting the forefront which will compel auto body repair centers to understand a greater diversity of techniques and technologies to effect an effective and professional-searching repair.

The readers might think that paintless repair has existed for a long time, and that’s true. Paintless dent repair caused by dents, hail damage, dings and creases continues to be available for a while. But this isn’t what we should mean. What we are speaking about are new materials for example vinyl wraps and carbon fibre. This stuff do not require any paint to effect a repair.

Within the situation of vinyl wraps, initial efforts were limited graphics for show and cars. Eventually, some enterprising and inventive minds made the decision that wrapping a whole vehicle in vinyl wrap would be a novel method of achieving a brand new look without marring the initial factory paint. A couple of years back, matte finishes on show and street cars were extremely popular, and vinyl wraps were a high option for experienceing this look. The very best vinyl wraps have warranties for fade and tear resistance that last as long as five years. What occurs when an automobile covered with vinyl becomes involved with a fender bender? The dog owner will obviously desire a one-stop repair, meaning she or he won’t wish to have the fender sorted in an auto body repair center after which go to some vinyl wrap installer. This then compels auto body repair centers to possess a minumum of one specialist using the experienced in using the wrap.

A much newer development may be the trend of manufacturers in making use of carbon fibre to complete vehicle physiques in carbon fibre, partly or entirely. Since these panels are lighter yet more powerful, carbon fibre may be the new question material for that automotive industry. Once restricted to exotic vehicles, carbon fibre is poised to become a common material in mainstream cars within the next couple of years. BMW is going to be among the first using its urban electric vehicle. For auto body repair centers, the issue within this situation is how you can hide a cracked panel section that has been deliberately left unpainted? Today’s automotive tastes avoid painting within the carbon fibre weave, therefore the resin and carbon fibre are rather carried out with a obvious coat. Approaches for lounging up carbon fibre must be learned by auto body repair technicians. So aside from their hammers and torches, auto body repair workers will have to increase their tool boxes scissors and glue to correct cars.