Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions

The slot machine is arguably the online gambling industry segment that has benefited from the revolution of technology as no other segment in the gaming industry has benefited as much. Once slot gaming was considered to be the ugly stepdaughter placed on both brick-and-mortar casino and online gambling platforms for the sole purpose of appeasing the table players, the slot machine games have now received a transformation into the fairy princess of the gaming world.

With this slot machine has brought plenty of riches that no one would have imagined for a few lucky players and casinos as well. Over two decades ago, the slot machines such as the เกมสล็อต accounted for the thirty percent of the gaming industry’s profit. Currently, slot machine games account for about seventy percent of the profit for the gaming industry. The ability to play with little to no gambling expertise and the computer knowledge has made it possible to give a lining jackpot sufficient to turn a pauper into a king.

The fact that it does not take much gambling expertise for an individual to indulge in the gambling activity and games mean that several individuals do not comprehend the how the slot machine games work. Therefore, this makes it, even more, simpler to explain a win or a loss with some logic that is totally not true. 

Similar to any other wives’ tales, these myths and misconception about the slot gaming industry are typically passed from one individual to another individual until to a certain point that this false logic about the slot machines become the gospel. Several of these misconceptions and the myths are most definitely harmless. However, they are capable of adding frustration to an individual and take away some level of enjoyment of either your online gambling visit or your brick and mortar visit.

Below are truths to some of the myths and misconceptions about the slot machine gaming.

Myth 1

If somebody has hit the jackpot on a slot machine that you have just left, it means that you would have probably won the jackpot if you had stayed a little while longer.

This is perhaps one of the most popular myths and misconceptions that people have about slot machine gaming; however, it is not all false. This is because they possess certain computer chips inside the mechanism that serves the purpose of running a series of random number generator (RNG). The random number generator (RNG)  continues to cycle even when the slot machine is not active or being played by someone. These random number generator (RNG) typically correspond to stop and when and individual pulls a handle or hits the spin button the random number generator (RNG) select the combination at that provided microsecond. Suppose you had stayed playing at the slot machine; there is less probability that you have stopped the random number generator (RNG)  at the right microsecond.

Myth 2

You are capable of telling the odds of you winning if you manage to count the symbols displayed on each wheel of the slot machine.

This is most certainly a false logic about these slot machine games. The random number generator (RNG)  is responsible for generating each number of each spin. Therefore, this means that there can be several hundreds of virtual stops on each slot wheel even though you are only capable of seeing a few symbols.