Some commonly committed mistakes while renting a car

While you are making your first deal with the car renting agency, it is most possible that you should make some mistakes in it because of your lack of experience and your unawareness of these mistakes. So in this article we will discuss some common mistakes that are made by the beginners while doing such dealings in order to hire a 7-seater hire for a family tour, so that you are well aware of the mistakes and make sure you don’t make them while making your first car hiring deal with the car hiring agencies.

Excessively increasing the time span and route to your tour destination

The criterion of charging may be different for each of the car renting agency. Some of these agencies might be charging you with the amount fixed per hour while some of them should be making your voucher on the basis of the rate decided per number of the miles. So, you should be vigilant enough to use some basic math in order to decide which of this category will be more beneficial to you in the end. If you hire a 9-seater end and on the basis number of number of hours then you should avoid excessive shopping or other prolonged stopsin your journey which may result in over-billing in the end.

Advance gas charges settlement 

This is another common mistake that you should avoid while making your first deal of hiring a 7-seater hire for your family adventurous tour, and you should take care of this if you are going to make your first deal in some time. Car hiring agencies often say to pay the gas and fuel charges in advance and they send the car with the full tank. But in whole of the journey only half of the fuel tank is used and the rest of the tank is left with the car hiring agency and they can use it wherever they want to. But why should you be paying for the fuel that has to be used the car hiring agency? So, in order to avoid this you should choose the option of filling the fuel tank on the way to your destination and you will have the choice of filling only that much fuel in it which is needed for the rest of the distance to be covered and save rest of your money.

Extra payment for the additional services

This is another category where you can be over-charged by the car hiring agencies. They can even charge you 10$ per hour to use GPS navigation system of your 7-seater hire. Why should you pay extra for this service when you have this service free of cost in your mobile? You can easily save these 10$ per hour by using the free and much accurate and advanced GPS facility of your mobile. So, beware of such additional services being provided to you with cost that you can avail free of cost.