Stats and information to know about boxing betting

Are you looking to learn on the way to bet on boxing at ufa1688? Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, with big fights making some of the big gambling holidays yearly. There are not many predictive stats when it comes to boxing, and thus, handicappers utilize anecdotal evidence and eye test when they are breaking down the fight. 

Implied probability

When you are breaking down the fight, the first thing that you have to do is to ensure you convert the odds into probability. You have to know that every odd does correlate to a likelihood that is implied, and it is easy to convert them. 

The record

When it comes to boxing, it ends up boiling to one number  – the number of losses that a fight has. When there is a 0 in the column of loss, it makes the boxer to become more marketable with casual bettors getting drawn to the boxer that has a better record. But when you are out comparing two fighters, going for the record will not tell you the entire story. 

Getting to know how a fighter faired against a similar or common opponent or was able to fight against boxers that are high quality will ensure that you get a better idea regarding how good they are. 

Stats you ought to know

In other betting sport at ufa1688, there are several predictive stats that the gamblers utilize in gaining an edge. When it comes to boxing, everything is different. There is essential information that you will need to know, with the most important one being the ability to handicap the sweet science that comes down to subjective, anecdotal analysis. 

With that said, there is some information that the handicappers have to adhere to.  The well known and most trusted boxing statistics will provide you with information such as:

  • Jabs per round 
  • Punches landed/thrown
  • Power punches per round

The above three stats, though seeming very simple, which they are, but they are necessary when determining who is going to win the fight, especially if the judges get it. If you are the fighter who is busier, then you might have a better chance of feeling and looking as if you are winning the fight. The same is also true if you are a throwing fighter as well as powerful landing shots. 

The jabs might be important because, in most instances, a fighter who is successful with jabs always wins. If the jab is being utilized effectively, apart from being on the front foot and in a better position to throw out powerful punches together with combination, the opponent will be forced to be on the defensive. 


In a boxing match, three judges utilize a 10 point must system. It is a fancy way to say that the one who wins a round will automatically be given 10 points. In most instances, rounds end with 10-9.  But a fighter will lose a point in case they are knocked down.