The Magic of Entertainment Marketing

It will be a good idea first to know what it is since the discussion is about entertainment marketing. It is the process of using entertainment programs such as movie releases, drama shows, fashion shows, and celebrity influence to draw attention to a brand or product. In recent times, this type of marketing has gained a lot of popularity and you will see it everywhere.

There are three primary forms of entertainment marketing; celebrity endorsement, product placement, and event sponsorship.

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Celebrity endorsement is a very successful form of marketing since celebrities have a lot of influence on their followers. People want to mimic the lifestyle of their icons. Hence, it is easy to get them to appreciate products that their favorite celebrities endorse. Some followers also admire the style of celebrities such that they believe that everything these icons endorse is the best. This makes everything celebrities market to them very attractive. Some brands collaborate directly with some celebrities and they produce a line of products during that partnership. Most often, when brands partner with the right TV stars, they record massive success. If the brand fits the image of the icon, celebrity endorsement works out very well.

Product placement is a more straightforward form of marketing. It involves making a brand or product visible in an entertainment program. For instance, a case of Starbucks coffee being drunk in a movie is a case of product placement. In some cases, the brand or product becomes an essential part of the movie or the character’s brand. These products or brands are needed for the advancement of the movie or show. This situation is called product integration because the product is an integral part of the show or movie. A large part of the audience tends to remember the product or brand by the name of the movie, show, or character who used it often. Although product placement is an excellent form of marketing, it can go wrong sometimes. If the audience does not like the brand that the entertainment program is trying to market, they may end up disliking the entertainment show or even criticize the character.

I am sure you have heard this phrase several times; “this event is proudly sponsored by …” That is event sponsorship. When brands or companies sponsor entertainment such as live shows, music festivals, football tournaments, and other entertainment shows, the organizers and producers ensure that the audience is made aware of the sponsors. In some cases, the sponsoring brands are made a significant part of the event.

This form of marketing benefits both parties. It creates exposure for the products that are being marketed, and it also provides funds for stakeholders in the entertainment sector.

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Why it works

Entertainment marketing works because it meets the interest of the audience. People love to have fun, marathon their favorite series, take selfies at the biggest shows in the city, and see the latest movie. This form of marketing brings the brands to the audience while they are doing something they love. They are in a good mood and will have fond memories of the brand if the advertising is well done.