Time to upgrade to the LED TV

The LED TV or the LED-backlight LCD television is equipped with small light-emitting diodes or LEDS to light up the display. This is in contrast to the standard LCD TV that uses cathode fluorescent lights or CCFLs to display images onto the screen. If you have the typical LCD TV at home or office, you must consider getting the LED TVs for there are clear benefits of the latter type.

  1. The display is definitely better in the LED type
  2. They use less voltage and power as compared the LCD.
  3. The panel is way thinner.
  4. The heat dissipated from the LCD TV is way more than that of a LED TV thereby the latter saving energy.
  5. The screen clarity is better in the LED and the quality of the colour is also much enhanced in this type.

Science has also proven that the light emitted from the CCFLs are hard on the human eyes and various researches now recommend that viewers use the LED TVs for the health of their eyes and also of course for the other benefits mentioned here.

Wanting to move to the LED type of television? Wondering where to get all information and details? How to go about knowing which is the best one for your home and from where to buy the finest one in your budget? The answer is the virtual malls bought to you by some of the well-known resellers like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.

  1. Here you can go brand-wise to choose a brand of your choice or compare the features and prices of top brands.
  2. You can select your price range so that only such models will be displayed that is within your means and budget.
  3. If screen size is the ultimate parameter for you, you can choose from the different sizes mentioned and only such models will show that match the parameter.
  4. Similarly you can base your comparison and choice on HD technology, HDMI ports, USB ports, so on and so forth.

Choose the brand, the category and the model and keep refining your list as per your requirements to arrive at the best short-listed list of LED TVs. Now you need to make your final comparisons, view the images of the TV from different angles, zoom in and out to get more clarity about its look, placement etc. and read in-depth about the technicalities of the models. Also during the course of all this study and research, it is advisable to read through the reviews of customers who have already bought the model and are currently using it. This will provide you with honest feedback on the performance and other technical aspects of the model in question.

Now, finally once the decision has been made, proceed with the online payment. Pay using your credit card, debit card, Netbanking, UPI or e-wallet and secure the order. Now mention your delivery address and location so that the LED TV can reach you as per the schedule time. Remember, online resellers also offer great discounts, festival bumper offers and cash-back deals that you might want to take advantage of!