Why Should I Get Braces For My Child?  

There is no clearly defined age when a child should get braces, but there are certain indicators that show a child is ready for them. Typically around age seven, a child should visit an orthodontist for the first time for an evaluation. This evaluation will include an evaluation of his or her airway, oral habits, and bite.

There are often signs, such as difficulty chewing, biting, breathing from the mouth, or problems speaking, that your child needs an orthodontic evaluation. Your child may also grind his teeth, or his jaw may make sounds. If your child has overcrowded or misplaced teeth, it may be time for an orthodontic visit. If your child’s teeth do not match, he may need help with braces.

Getting orthodontic care early can prevent more serious problems in the future. Proper orthodontic care can provide room in the mouth of a child to prevent the overcrowding of teeth. It can also help save space for teeth that have not come through the gums, yet. It also can reduce the potential need to have teeth removed, or jaw surgery in the future. It can also improve the symmetry of the child’s face. Early care for teeth can decrease the amount of time a child might need to wear braces. Early correction of an improper bite can prevent tooth decay, accidental tooth chipping, gum disease, and even speech impediments.

Braces are used to help position a child’s teeth into the proper place. They are brackets made from various materials, such as metal or plastic, that can be used on adults and children to help improve their smile. Typically, a child has to wear braces anywhere between 18 to 36 months, depending on the extent of the child’s oral problems. An orthodontist will schedule regular appointments to make sure the dental plan stays on track.

You do not want to trust just anyone with your child’s teeth. Braces can do amazing things to help your child’s mouth problems, if done properly. Annapolis Orthodontics is the perfect orthodontic office for you and your child. They know that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience and they provide a warm and caring environment to put you and your child at ease. They realize that no one wants to wear braces for any longer than necessary, so they have accelerated treatment programs to accelerate the process. They also accept most insurances and have flexible payment plan options. Visit one of Annapolis Orthodontics four convenient locations today to see if your child is ready to begin his or her braces experience.