17 Romantic yet fashionable hairstyles for any special occasion

A splash of fresh air on the face with the wind blowing the hair is an aesthetic feeling that every woman loves. Good hair days often make you feel special and confident. So whether you are planning to go on a romantic date, have a wedding to attend, or going for a brunch with friends, a fashionable yet romantic style will surely be a head-turner. Deviating from the path of conventional special hairdos, here is a list of the less time-consuming hairstyles that you can try out.

  • Braided Crown Wedding Hair


In a perplexing situation wherein your locks have been in a growing out stage, or the layered haircut that you tried out isn’t cooperating any longer, you can try a crown braid hairdo.

It is a romantic hairstyle that keeps your outgrown hair in place and renders a glamorous look for any formal occasion.

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  • Full Curls for Short Hair


A most common though of short hair women is that they can do any styling due to hair length, hence no option but to let loose. You will be surprised to know that you can woo many hearts with some dazzling highlights and side-swept styling. Using a large hot roller roll your hair outward and upward, and it will enhance your highlights.

  • Special Occasion Beach Waves


Whether you have a shoulder-length or short hair, a braided crown beach wave looks like a hair cascade that will enhance your beauty. Deck up your look with an A-line dress, stilettos, and you are good to go.


  • Short A-Line Formal Hair


Try out a long bob cut hairstyle and add some tousled and subtle waves with a variant of any caramel and brown hues. This short hairdo will make you the center of attention on a special occasion.


  • Thick Braid with Thin Hair


Are you thinking about what style you can do with your lifeless thin hair? Well, how about a thick braid. Gather the top layer of your hair, turn it into a messy plait and braid it to the side. This style will add volume to your hair and will style the messy loose tangles at the bottom.


  • Voluminous Special Occasion Updo


You need not style your hair into elegant buns every time you have a special occasion coming up. You can quickly try out a messy style that won’t cost you a fortune at the salon. Play along with your long hair, form a combination of tendrils, buns, and braids, and you are ready for the event.

  • Multiple Braids in One


A deep side sweeps with multiple braids on the top of the head, with a combination of thick and thin braids of varying style is a romantic yet fashionable hairstyle, which will enhance your unique occasion look.

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  • An Occasion for Directional Waves


With large hair rollers and secured pins, you can tumble your hair like a mermaid’s main that will look like a hair cascade past your shoulder. This wavy hairdo can complement any dress for any event. Pair it with embellishments for a perfect appearance.


  • Flip for Special Occasion Hair


If you think that a ponytail cannot be a hairstyle that will compliment your special event look, you must for once try the half-up ponytail flipped through a strand of your hair. Accessorize it with a stone-studded floral pin in the middle; wear a diamond neckpiece, an off-shoulder dress, and a classic pair of heels.

  • Braid Combined with Curls

If you are willing to try something other than conventional braid and ponytail, then start braiding a section of your hair from above your ear-line and creatively pullback the hair halfway. Secure it with elastic bland. If you have awesome natural curls, then create an intricate look with blended braids.


  • Sweet and Sassy Updo


If you are in no mood to visit a salon to style a perfect hairdo, then start to play around with your damp hair and twist and turn it in all possible style till you get an ideal look. Grab the loose ends and form a sassy updo, wear a mid-length dress, with stilettos and you are ready for the event.



  • Modern Formal Chignon


Endured for generations, nothing can go wrong with the classic chignon hairstyle. First, twist the front section of the hair placed above the ear-line, and secures it with bobby pins. Then make loose loops with the leftover twisted sections at the bottom and start to pin then. It can turn messy at times, but will overall give you perfect styled hair.


  • Dramatic Highlights


Willing to try out a different hairstyle? You can try out the vintage but chunky highlights that reigned in the 1990s and 2000s. Although it’s the time for blonde and ombre hair tones, you can create vibrant highlights to suit your personality.


  • Tousled Up Hairstyle


If you have a short to medium curly hair then this one hairstyle which you must try the tousled up hairstyle that lets your hair stay free without much overdo of styling. It is an ideal hairstyle that works perfectly for those having long hair.

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  • Braided headband

From wedding to formal events, braided hairstyles can glam up your look at any occasion. But if you accessorize your look with a braided headband, you will become a showstopper. It is one of the most romantic and fashionable hairstyles that requires a braided headband and a few bobby pins. Women having long hair this style is ideal for you. For an extra romantic touch, you can add flowers, barrettes, or ribbons.


  •       Curly ponytail


If you are opting for a glamorous yet a free-style look, you can try a curly ponytail style. This style is best for the ones having natural curls, but if you have straight hair, take a curling iron, and add up a few curls and place the ponytail relatively high on the head. To make it look sleek, avoid any styling in the front section of the head.


  • Pinned back waves

Make an entry like a Hollywood glam diva with a voluminous pinned back wave hairstyle. It is one of the elegant hairdos, which can go perfect for any occasion. In this style, the top of the head looks smooth, with the rest of the hair syncing into a seamless flow of big and loose curls. You can use a jeweled pin or a fashionable barrette to one side of the hair to enhance the result.

Break the stereotypical hairstyles that daunt the market and try out these simple yet fashionable hairdos that will compliment your look. Another imperative aspect is that these romantic hairstyles are cost-effective, making it a perfect choice to glam upon any special event.