How to Create a content calendar: A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media content calendar | Step-by-step guide and templates

Creating a content calendar is one of the most critical aspects of managing your content in 2022, it’s essential that you have a calendar so that you know exactly what posts are coming out when, as well as when they should be published.

Not only does having a system for publishing your content help keep things organized, but it also helps to set clear expectations with readers by ensuring they know when new content will be released.

Keeping track of all your content is easier if you have a system in place and if you have some strategy around how you plan to publish your content.


Why Should You Have a Content Calendar?

First, it helps you keep track of your publishing schedule, you can see at a glance if there’s a gap in your publishing schedule, which can help you keep your team on track, if everything is too hectic, you may forget to publish a post or two.

If you have a content calendar, you can make sure those posts get published, it also gives you a clear sense of your publishing schedule.

You can see if you have a gap in your schedule, which you may want to address with another post, you can also see if you’re publishing more than you can keep up with, this can help you see if you need to slow things down, or if you need to focus on certain types of posts.


How to Create a Content Calendar

First, you can go through your posts and manually create a calendar this is a great way to start, but it’s also very time-consuming, you don’t want to go this route if you don’t already have a system in place.

Once you have a system in place, you can use it to create your content calendar, you can either manually enter in posts or use an online content calendar, however you go about creating your calendar, make sure to take notes this will help you keep track of when certain posts are coming out.


Which Platform Should Your Content Calendar Be On?

You might want to keep a few things when choosing which platform your content calendar is on, first, make sure that the platform you choose can be accessed by your team members, you don’t want someone to have access to the content calendar, but not have access to the content. This can lead to confusion and leave your team scrambling to publish content when they should be focusing on other tasks.


3 Ways you can Use a Content Calendar

  1. A content calendar for team management – Some content calendar services allow you to create a content calendar for your team to see. This can help you keep track of posts and coordinate when they need to be written, it can also help you see if anyone on your team is having trouble keeping up with their posts.
  1. A content calendar for scheduling blog posts – Some content calendar services let you schedule your blog posts, this can be a great way to keep track of what content you need to publish and when, you can use a content calendar like this to create a publishing schedule.
  1. A content calendar for scheduling social media posts – Some social media management platforms have a content calendar built-in. This can be a great way to see what posts need to be scheduled and you can also use it to create a publishing schedule for your social media posts.