Know the 3 best natural ways to get rid of ants

Summers are there to enjoy with your family and friends. But the warm weather makes your days dull, and it is responsible for the invasion of ants. What do you want to stop the growth of the ant without using any chemicals or pesticides? In this article, we will discuss some of how ants’ growth stops appropriately. It is better to use organic pest control in Beaverton or based on the natural substance. There are many strategies that you need to follow to get permanently rid of the ants. 

Five best ways for eliminating your ant problem:

  1. Vinegar

For communication, ants use chemical signals called pheromones and create a trail. For the direction, they use antennae and follow the same. The life journey of an ant is quite simple. Whenever the ant finds any food, it follows and moves in the same direction or colony. Vinegar helps a lot in this process, and it has many ways to eliminate the ants in the house. You have to mix 1 part of the water with 1 part of the vinegar. Now mix it well, and the solution should be poured down to every entrance where you think ants can come or are there. 

  1. Peppermint oil

 The smell of this substance is quite strong and helps stop the arrival of ants at your home or entrances. Therefore it is advised you to clean the surfaces of your kitchen and the area where eating facilities take place. Here you have to apply a few drops of peppermint oil. Wipe it well to stop the entry of the ants completely. The smell of this oil is liked by the ants and insect, so they goes far from it. 

Unlike the smell

The ants do not like the smell of peppermint oil, and therefore, the growth stops. There are two benefits of using this oil: eliminating ants ultimately and the other is that it generates a mint smell in the house that helps keep your home fresh. It is the best method to deal with the problem of the ant with an environmentally friendly solution.

  1. Chalk

 Chalk is a kind of substance that ants do not like. Ants get disrupted having chalk lining in sideways. It is a short-term strategy for stopping the entry of ants into your house. The mechanism of using chalk is not a permanent solution, and that is why it is not highly recommended. It will detour the entry of ants only for a short term. You can use only this method in that case where you are unable to deal with any other method. 


It is concluded from the above that one can stop the growth of ants naturally, and there is no need to use harsh chemicals that are a danger to them. You can also use organic pest control in Beaverton or use any of the above methods to eliminate ants’ growth in your home.